Job Chapter 23

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Job Want Baba-God

  1. So Job ansa, con tok sey,
  2. “Even today my complain dey bitter, hin hand heavy on me, upon all my cry-cry.
  3. How I wish sey I know where I fit meet am, so dat I go fit near where he sidon put.
  4. I go tell am my case for hin front, and I go full my mouth wit arguments.
  5. I go know di words wey he go ansa me, con understand wetin he go yarn me.
  6. Abi he go change-am-for me wit hin ogbonge pawa? No, but he go listen to me.
  7. Na for there honest pipo fit reason wit am, so my judge go free me forever.
  8. See, I go front [for east], but he no dey for there, and I go back [for west], but I no see am for there.
  9. Wen he turn go my left [for north], I no see am for there; wen he turn go my right [for south] side, I no still see am for there:
  10. But he know di road wey I dey waka pass; wen he don test me, I go see sey I pure like gold.
  11. My leg don hold hin steps, I don keep hin way, and I no go turn komot.
  12. I no turn back from di commandment of hin lips; I value di words from hin mouth pass di food wey I need.
  13. He no dey change, so who fit change hin mind? Anytin wey he wan do nahin he dey do.
  14. He dey do di tins wey he don plan for my life, and plenty of dis kain plans dey wit am.
  15. Nahin make my body dey shake for hin front, wen I reason am—I dey fear Am.
  16. Baba-God don make my heart soft, and di Almighty dey make me fear;
  17. Darkness dey round me, and he no hide deep darkness from my face.


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