Job Chapter 24

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Job:Why Wicked Pipo No Dey Receive Punishment

  1. “Why di Almighty no dey set time for judgement? Why must di pipo wey know am no dey see hin days [for punishment of wicked pipo]?
  2. Evil pipo dey steal land by moving di boundary stones. Dem dey steal animals con add dem join dia own.
  3. Dem collect di donkey of di pesin wey no get papa, and dem dey ask for di widow malu to hold becos of di moni wey she borrow.
  4. Dem pursue pipo wey need epp komot from road, con force all di poor pipo to kpanji.
  5. So poor pipo, like wild donkeys, dey fyne dia food for di dry desert; di desert dey give dem food and food for dia pikin.
  6. If dem want food of animals or grapes, dem must go wicked pipo farm go gada wetin remain.
  7. Dem dey sleep naked wit no clothes, notin to cover dem from cold.
  8. Rain for di mountains dey beat dem, and dem dey clinch wit rock becos of where to hide head put.
  9. Evil pipo dey take pikin wey dey suck breast from hin mama wey be widow [becos of moni wey poor pipo dey owe], and dem dey collect di property of poor pipo becos of moni wey dem borrow.
  10. Evil pipo dey make poor pipo waka wit no cloth to cover hin body, dem dey make poor pipo work for farm wit empty belle.
  11. Dem [poor pipo] dey press olive to make ororo [for wicked pipo], and dem dey press grapes to make wine, but dem no even see anytin to drink.
  12. Men wey wan die dey cry from inside di city, and di souls of pipo wey don wound dey cry out; but Baba-God neva listen to di wrong tin wey dey happun to dem.
  13. Wicked pipo dey wey no like light, dem no wan sabi di way of light, and dem no fit follow e way.
  14. Di killer dey wake up for morning to go kill poor pipo, and he dey tiff for night.
  15. Pesin wey dey climb pipo wife dey wait for night to reach, con tok sey, ‘No pesin go see me,’ so he go cover hin face so dat no pesin go sabi am.
  16. For darkness, dem dey break enta houses wey dem don mark for demsef for afta-noon; dem no know light.
  17. Thick darkness nahin be morning for dem, and di fear for night—nahin be dia padi.


18. Plenty-water nahin dey sweep evil pipo komot, and Baba-God don curse dia land. Dem no dey go work for dia grape-farm again.

19. As snow take dey vanish for heat and hot weather, naso grave take dey chop sinners.

20. Even hin mama go forget am; worms go chop am sharp-sharp, pipo no go remember am again and wickedness go break like tree.

21. Dem dey do ojoro for woman wey no get any son to epp her, and dem dey treat widow anyhow.

22. Baba-God dey use hin pawa take drag strong men komot; even though he dey rise up, life no sure for am.

23. Baba-God fit let dem rest wit safety, but he dey watch dem everi time.

24. Dem get levels for short-time, but dem go fall like di odas, dem go dry like fruit wey dem cut.

25. And if no be so now, who fit confam sey na lie I dey lie—con make my tok no get meaning?”


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