Job Chapter 25

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Bildad: Man No Fit Dey Good

  1. Bildad di Shuhite ansa, con tok sey,
  2. “Baba-God get pawa to rule, and pipo dey fear Am, he dey make peace for di heavens.
  3. Who fit count di armies of heaven? Abi hin light no dey shine on di whole earth?
  4. How man go con get cean-heart for Baba-God eyes? Or how pesin wey woman born—fit holy for Baba-God eyes?
  5. For hin eyes—even di moon no bright, and di stars no pure for hin eyes; becos he dey shine pass dem.
  6. Tokless of man wey be worm? And man pikin wey be ordinary worm?


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