Job Chapter 26

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Job: Who Fit Understand Baba-God Levels As King

  1. But Job ansa con tok sey,
  2. “See as you take epp pesin wey no get pawa! See as you take save di hand of pesin wey no strong!
  3. How you take advice pesin wey no get wisdom? and how many wise advice you don give?
  4. Where you take get all dis words of wisdom? Which spirit dey ginger you to tok like dis?
  5. Di spirit of di dead dey shake under di water, and even those wey dey for there.
  6. Di world of di dead and scata-scata dey open to Baba-God, notin dey block hin eyes from seeing am.
  7. Baba-God stretch out di north sky to hang for on top of di empty spaces, and he hang di earth for air.
  8. He dey wrap di rain for hin thick cloud, and di clouds no dey burst wit di weight.
  9. He dey hide di face of hin king-chair [full moon], and he dey spread hin cloud take cover am.
  10. He draw round line on top of di water, for di place where di night and day take meet.
  11. Di pillars of heaven dey shake, and dem dey fear wen Baba-God halla for dem.
  12. He dey ginger di big-river wit hin pawa, and by hin understanding—he break di strong-breeze.
  13. Hin Spirit make di heavens fine well-well. And hin hands shuuk di sharp snake wey wan move.
  14. True-true all dis na di smallest tins wey Baba-God fit do, na just di smallest of hin pawa. Who con fit understand di thunder of hin pawa?”


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