Job Chapter 27

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Job Maintain Hin Pure-heart

  1. But Job kontinu hin parable, con tok sey,
  2. “I swear wit di living God—wey no gree give me justice, and di Almighty wey don make my soul sad.
  3. As long as my breath dey inside me, and Baba-God Spirit dey inside my nose-pipe;
  4. My lips no go tok evil and my tongue no go tok lie.
  5. I no fit accept sey una dey right; my heart clean—as long as I dey live.
  6. I go maintain my clean-heart, and I no go let am go; my heart no go disgrace me as long as I dey alive (my conscience clear).
  7. Make my enemies receive punishment like wicked pipo, and make any pesin wey dey fight me receive punishment like evil pipo.
  8. Wetin be di hope of fake-pipo—wen Baba-God go take hin life—even though he don gain enuff tins?
  9. Abi Baba-God go hear dia cry wen kasala burst for dia head?
  10. Dem for love di sweet ways of Baba-God Almighty! Dem for pray to am everi time!
  11. I go teach you about di pawa of Baba-God; I no go hide anytin about Baba-God.
  12. See, all of unasef don see am, why all of una con dey tell me all dis useless tins?


13. Na dis be di portion of wicked man from Baba-God, and di destiny of pipo wey dey oppress pipo, wey dem go receive from Baba-God Almighty.

14. Dem fit get plenty sons, but na sword go kill dem for war, and dia pikin no go dey belleful.

15. Disease go kill those wey survive—and dia widows no go cry for dem.

16. Evil pipo fit gada silver like dust, and fit keep plenty clothes like clay;

17. He fit gada dem, but na pipo wey get clean-heart go wear am, and na innocent pipo go divide di silver.

18. Wicked pipo dey build house like insect house (dia house no strong like spide web), like kpako house for gateman.

19. Wicked man go lie down wit hin moni but he go wake up to see sey all hin moni don vanish.

20. Kasala go carry am komot like big-water, heavy-breeze go tiff am komot for night.

21. Di strong-breeze from east go sweet am, he go move komot, and e go sweep am komot from hin place.

22. E go blow am wit-no mercy, as he dey try to escape from e pawa.

23. Men go clap dia hands for am, and dem go hiss for am till he komot from hin place.


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