Job Chapter 28

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Job Yarnings About Wisdom

  1. “Pipo know where dem go dig silver and place dey wey dem dey make gold shine.
  2. Na from inside di earth dem take dey see iron, and dem dey melt copper from ore.
  3. Miners dey enta inside deep-deep- darkness, dem dey check deep inside di earth, and dem dey dig rocks inside darkness.
  4. Far-far from where human being dey stay—nahin dem go dig tin road go under ground, for where human being leg neva reach before. Dem go enta wit ropes, con dey move upandan.
  5. Food dey grow for ground, but under di ground dey turn as if faya dey burn am.
  6. Di stones wey dey inside na di places where sapphires dey; na for there you go see gold dust.
  7. E get road wey no bird don ever see, and wey hawk eyes neva see before.
  8. Lions wey dey feel-big neva waka pass there before, and lion wey dey ginger neva reach there before.
  9. Pipo sabi cut strong rock, and dem sabi komot mountain from e roots.
  10. Dem sabi cut hole inside rocks; and dia eyes go see fine-fine tins.
  11. Dem dey dig reach di root of rivers and dem dey bring out coded tins.
  12. But where pesin fit fyne wisdom? And where di place of understanding dey stay?
  13. Man no know di real value of wisdom, and dem no fit see am for di land of di living.
  14. Di deep water tok sey, ‘Wisdom no dey wit me.’ And di big-river tok sey, ‘E no dey wit me.’
  15. Dem no fit use gold take buy am, and di weight of silver sef no fit buy am.
  16. E get value pass di gold of Ophir, wit onyx wey cost well-well, or sapphire.
  17. Gold plus crystal no be e mate, and pesin no fit use jewelries wey dem design fine gold—take buy am.
  18. Coral and pearls no reach. Di price of wisdom pass rubies.
  19. Di topaz of Africa no be e level, and dem no go fit value am wit pure gold.
  20. So where wisdom dey from come? And where di place of understanding con dey?
  21. Dem hide am from di eyes of pipo wey dey alive. Even di bird wey get sharp eyes no fit see am from sky.
  22. Scata-scata plus death tok sey, ‘Na only tok-tok we don hear about where pesin fit fyne wisdom.’
  23. Baba-God understand di road to wisdom, and he sabi di place where wisdom dey.
  24. Becos he dey look di earth, and he dey see everi-everi wey dey under di whole heaven;
  25. Na Baba-God dey make di weight of di heavy-breeze, and nahin dey measure di water.
  26. Hin words dey control rain, and he make road for lightning of thunder;
  27. Naso he see wisdom, con confam am, he set am, con reason am well-well.
  28. So he tell man sey, ‘Di fear of Baba-God nahin be wisdom, and to komot hand from evil nahin be understanding.’ ”


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