Job Chapter 29

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Job Blessings Before-before

  1. But Job kontinu hin yarnings, con tok sey,
  2. “How I wish sey I fit go back to some months wey don pass, for di days wen Baba-God dey keep me;
  3. Wen hin candle shine for my head, and wen I use hin light take waka pass darkness;
  4. Those days wen I dey prosper, and Baba-God show-face for my caban like sey na my padi.
  5. Wen Baba-God still dey wit me, and wen all my pikin dey around me,
  6. Wen I wash my steps wit butter, and wen my olive tree grow for even where rocks plenty, and my harvest be like river.
  7. Wen I komot go di gate di city to sidon wit di senior-men, and I sidon for my position wit dem!
  8. Di young men see me, and dem hide demsef, and even di old men stand up to show respect.
  9. Di princes no gree tok and dem put dia hand for dia mouth.
  10. Di top men just keep quiet, and dem hang dia tongue to show respect.
  11. Everi pesin wey hear me tok dey bless me, and all eyes wey see me dey tok beta tins about me.
  12. Becos I epp poor pipo wey dey cry, and I epp pipo wey no get papa and wey no get pipo to support dem.
  13. I epp those pipo wey no get hope and dem bless me, and I make widow heart dey sing wit happiness.
  14. Naso I wear goodness, and e cover me like cloth, and I wear justice like gown and crown.
  15. I con be like eyes for blind pipo, and leg for pipo wey no fit waka.
  16. I con be papa of poor pipo, and I con dey carry mata wey no concern me.
  17. I break wicked pipo jaws, and I komot di pipo wey dem wan chop—from dia teeth.
  18. Naso I con tok sey, ‘Surely I go die wit my family wey surround me, and my days go plenty like sand-sand.’
  19. I be like tree wey e root dey touch water, and dews wet my branches tru-out di night.
  20. I dey always get new levels, and I always get new bow (I dey get more-more pawa).
  21. Men con dey listen to me, and dem dey silent as dem dey wait for me to tok.
  22. Afta I tok finish, dem no get anytin to add join wetin I tok, becos my words settle dem.
  23. Dem wait for me as dem take dem wait for rain, and dem open dia mouth wide as if dem dey wait for di last rains.
  24. I smile for dem wen dem dey low-key; and di light for my happy face—give dem hope.
  25. Like chief, I tell dem wetin to do; and I live like king for army, and I calm dem down from dia pain.


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