Job Chapter 30

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      Job Levels Turn To Poverty

  1. But now, di pipo wey I senior dey yab me, pipo wey I for no even let dia papa epp di dogs wey dey guard my sheep.
  2. Who dia hand fit epp me, those pipo wey no get pawa again?
  3. Dem don thin finish becos of hunger plus poverty, dem dey waka round dry land, and inside empty desert for night.
  4. Dem dey pluck wild fruits from bush and dem dey chop di roots of broom tree as food.
  5. Dem drive dem komot from among men, and pipo dey shout follow dem as if dem be tiff.
  6. So dem con go stay for hole for bottom-of-di-mountain, and for inside rocks and holes for ground.
  7. Dem dey make noise like donkeys wey dey shout for bush, and dem dey gada togeda among under shuuku-shuuku grass.
  8. Dem be pikin of mumu; yes, dem be pikin of gbanjo men—men wey dem don pursue from di land.
  9. And now dem dey yab me wit bad songs! Dem dey whyne me!
  10. Dem hate me, dem dey run far from me, and dem get liver to spit for my face.
  11. Becos he don loose di wire for my bow and arrow, and he don wound me; dem don cut-chain—so dem no dey fear to turn against me anyhow for my front.
  12. Jaguda pipo attack me from my right; dem push my leg komot, and dem dey raise dia ways of scata-scata against me.
  13.  Dem scata my road; dem do everitin to scata me; and no pesin dey to stop dem.
  14. Dem dey enta me like water wey dey break my wall, dem dey jump on me from di wall wey don scata.
  15. Kasala don face me. Dem dey pursue my soul like strong-breeze, and my beta-beta-tins don vanish like cloud.
  16. Now my soul don pour out on me.; di days of suffer-head don hold me.
  17. My bones dey shuuk me for night, and di pain wey dey bite me no dey rest.
  18. Wit di seriousness of my disease nahin my cloth [skin] take wor-wor. E tie me round like di collar of my cloth.
  19. He don throway me for portor-portor, and I don turn to dust plus ashes.
  20. I cry to you but you no hear me. I stand up but you no-send me.
  21. You don dey show me wickedness, you don use your strong hand take change-am-for me.
  22. You don carry me give heavy-breeze, you make me roll inside am, con spoil my success.
  23. I know sey you go carry me meet death, and to di house wey all men must enta.
  24. Surely no pesin go turn againts pesin wey need epp, wen dem cry for epp inside dia palava.
  25. Abi I no cry for di pipo wey dey face wahala? Abi my soul no feel sad for poor pipo?
  26. Wen I fyne beta tin but evil—nahin come meet me; and wen I wait for light—nahin darkness come meet me.
  27. My belle con dey boil and e con dey worry me, di days of suffer-head face me.
  28. I start to dey cry about, wit no sun: I stand up con dey cry for epp for where di pipo gada.
  29. I be di broda of dragons, and owls na my padi.
  30.  My skin don black for my body, and my bones don burn wit heat.
  31. My harp [music instrument] con dey cry, and my flute dey play music for pipo wey dey cry.


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