Job Chapter 31

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Job Defend Hin Pure-heart

  1. I don make agreement wit my eyes, why I go con dey reason woman?
  2. Which portion from Baba-God dey for there from up-up? And which share I con receive from di Almighty from up-up?
  3. Abi scata-scata no dey for wicked pipo? And strange punishment for pipo wey dey do bad-bad-tins?
  4. Abi he no dey see my ways, con count all my steps?
  5. If I don waka inside fake-life or my leg don rush to do mago-mago;
  6. Make Baba-God weigh me for scale wey balance, so dat he go see my clean-heart.
  7. If my steps don turn komot from di way, and my heart dey follow wetin dey make my eyes dey shuuk, or if my hand no gree komot from bad-bad-tins,
  8. den make I plant, and make anoda pesin chop am. Yes, make my pikin cut komot from dia root.
  9. If woman don whyne my heart, or if I don hide dey wait for my neighbour door,
  10. Den make my wife grind and cook food for odas, and make oda men climb her.
  11. Becos dis na wicked crime; yes, na bad tin wey di judges go punish pesin for.
  12. Becos na faya wey dey burn tins finish, and wey go komot all my plenty beta tins.
  13. If I don do anyhow to my horse-boy or my house-girl wen dem kwanta wit me;
  14. Wetin I go con do wen Baba-God go raise up? And wen he visit me, wetin I go tell am?
  15. Abi no be Baba-God wey make me for my mama belle nahin make am? Abi no be di same God make us for awa mama belle?
  16. If I don stop poor pipo from getting wetin dem really want, or I don blind di eyes of widow,
  17. Or if I don chop alone, and I no let pipo wey no get papa chop wit me,
  18. becos from wen I small, I take care of pipo wey no get papa like sey I be dia papa, and I don take care for widows all my life.
  19. If I don see pesin dey die becos e no get cloth to wear, or any poor pesin wey no get cloth;
  20. Abi he no bless me, abi di wrapper wey I provide no make am warm?
  21. If I don carry hand against pipo wey no get papa, wen I see sey I get connection for court;
  22. den make my hand fall from my shoulder bone, and make my hand break from di bone.
  23. Becos I dey fear scata-scata from Baba-God and hin big levels, so I no fit do those kain tins;
  24. If I don put my hope on gold, or If I don tell fine gold sey, ‘Na you I dey trust,’
  25. If I don dey praise mysef becos I get plenty moni, and becos my hand don get yanfu-yanfu;
  26. If I don see di sun as e dey shine [as sometin wey I dey worship], or di moon dey move wit brightness;
  27. And if my heart don codedly whyne me to worship dem, by kissing my hand to show respect for dem;
  28. Dis one sef na bad tin wey di judges suppose punish; dat mean sey I for don deny di God wey dey for up-up.
  29. If I don happy for di scata-scata of di pipo wey hate me, or celebrate wen evil meet am;
  30. And I neva commit any sin by cursing pipo wey hate me.
  31. My servants neva ever tok sey, ‘Who fit see pesin wey neva chop belleful from hin meat’?
  32. I neva ever pursue stranger komot enta street, but I open my doors to pipo wey dey travel pass.
  33. Abi I don cover my sin like Adam by hiding my sins for my heart?;
  34. Becos I dey fear plenty pipo, or di hate from families make me fear, sote I con keep quiet and I no komot from my door?
  35. How I wish sey pesin fit hear me! See, wetin I want from my heart na make Baba-God hear me, and make di pesin wey dey put mata for my head—write my case for book.
  36. I go surely carry am for my shoulder, con wear am like crown.
  37. I go count all my steps for am, and I go come meet am like prince.
  38. If my land dey cry against me, and if all di long line of sand wey I gada to farm—dey cry against me togeda;
  39. If I don chop fruits wey I no pay for, or if I don make di owners lose dia life;
  40. Make shuuku-shuuku grow instead of wheat, and make grass grow instead of barley. Di words of Job don end.


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