Job Chapter 32

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Elihu Change-am-for Job Padi

  1. So dis three men stop to dey follow Job tok, becos he dey feel sey he dey right for hin own eyes.
  2. Naso Elihu wey be di son of Barachel di Buzite con vex—na from di family of Ram. He vex for Job, becos he dey feel sey he dey right instead of Baba-God.
  3. He vex for hin three padi sef, becos dem no get any ansa, but dem con dey condemn Job.
  4. Now Elihu bin wait till Job tok finish, becos dem senior am.
  5. Wen Elihu see sey di three men no get any ansa for mouth, he con start to dey vex.
  6. And Elihu wey be di son of Barachel di Buzite ansa, con tok sey, “I dey young, and una old pass me well-well, nahin fear bin catch me, and I no gree tell una my mind.
  7. I bin reason sey, ‘Age suppose tok, and old pipo suppose teach wisdom.’
  8. But di spirit wey dey inside man: and di inspiration of Almighty Baba-God nahin dey give am understanding.
  9. Becos pesin na great man no mean sey he be wise man, and old age no mean sey pesin understand justice.
  10. So I tok sey, ‘Listen to me, me sef go tok my mind.
  11. See, I wait for una words, I use my ears listen to una reasoning as una dey fyne wetin to tok.
  12. Yes, I listen to una, and see, no one of una fit convince Job, or ansa hin words.
  13. No tok sey, ‘We don see wisdom; na only Baba-God go deal wit am—no be man.’
  14. Now, he neva direct hin words against me, and I no go ansa am wit una words.”
  15. Naso dem shock, dem no fit tok anytin, words finish from dia mouth.
  16. Abi I go wait, becos dem no yarn, becos dem stop, and dem no ansa again?
  17. I con tok sey, “I go ansa my part, I go tok my mind sef.
  18. I get plenty tins to tok about, di spirit wey dey inside me dey hold me back.
  19. See, my belle be like wine wey dem lock tight for bottle, like new bottles of wine wey dey ready to burst. [If I no see chance tok, I go burst like new bottles of wine].
  20. I go tok so dat my mind go free, I go open my lips to ansa.
  21. Abeg no let me do partiality for any pesin, and no let me tok to any pesin wit sweet-mouth.
  22. Becos I no sabi hail pesin wit sweet-mouth, if I do like dat, Baba-God wey make me go komot me sharp-sharp.


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