Job Chapter 33

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Elihu Change-am-for Job

  1. “But now, oh Job, biko hear my word, and listen to all my yarnings.
  2. See, now I don open my mouth, my tongue don tok for inside my mouth.
  3. I go tok from my clean-heart, and my lips go tok knowledge wey clear.
  4. Baba-God Spirit nahin make me, and di breath of di Almighty nahin give me life.
  5. If you no fit ansa me, arrange your word, con argue your mata wit me.
  6. See, I just be like you for Baba-God eyes; na from clay sef Baba-God make me.
  7. So you no get any reason to fear me, and I no go put any pressure on you to push you down.
  8. Surely, you don tok for me to hear, and I don hear di voice of your word wey you tok sey,
  9. ‘I dey clean wit-out sin, I dey innocent and bad tins no dey inside me.
  10. But Baba-God dey fyne excuse to attack me, and he dey count me as hin enemy.
  11. He tie chain for my leg; he dey watch everi move wey I make.’
  12. But I dey tell you Job, you dey wrong. I go ansa you sey Baba-God great pass any human being.
  13. Why you dey kwanta wit Baba-God sey he no dey ansa your complains?
  14. Becos Baba-God tok onces, and twice, but man no still understand am.
  15. For inside dream, for inside vision for night, wen deep sleep dey catch men, and wen dem dey roll for bed;
  16. Na den Baba-God dey open men ears, and he dey close dia ears wit hin messages,
  17. So dat he go stop man from hin own plan, and make man stop to dey feel-big.
  18. He dey hold hin life so dat he no go fall inside pit, and he dey hold hin life make sword no kill am.
  19. Baba-God dey correct man wit pain for bed, and all hin bones dey feel strong pain,
  20. sote he go hate food, and even di finest food no hungry dem.
  21. Hin flesh don dry finish, sote dem no fit see am, and hin bones wey dem no fit see con dey show from hin body.
  22. Yes, hin soul dey shift go grave, and hin life dey shift go meet scata-scata.
  23. “But if angel from heaven show-face—special messenger, one among thousands, wey remind man of wetin dey right for am.
  24. He go show grace, con tok sey, ‘Save am from grave, becos I don see payment to save hin life.’
  25. Hin skin go fresh pass small pikin skin; he go be like wen he still be youth.
  26. He go pray to Baba-God, and Baba-God go favour am, and he go see hin face wit happiness, becos he go give man hin goodness.
  27. He dey look men, and if any one tok sey, ‘I don commit sin, I change di right tin, and I no gain anytin.’
  28. He go save hin soul from grave, and hin life go see light.
  29. “Yes, Baba-God dey do all dis tins for pipo everi time,
  30. to save dem from grave, and to show dem di light of life.
  31. Hear me well, oh Job. Listen to me, dey quiet, and I go tok.
  32. But if you get anytin to tok, ansa me, carry-go; becos I wan confam sey you dey right.
  33. But if not, den listen to me. Keep quiet and I go teach you wisdom!”


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