Job Chapter 34

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      Elihu Confam Baba-God Justice

  1. Elihu ansa, con tok sey,
  2. “Hear my words, oh una wey be wise men, and make una listen to me, una wey sabi sometin.
  3. Becos ears dey judge word, just as mouth take dey taste meat.
  4. So make we understand for awasef wetin dey right; make we learn wetin dey good.
  5. Becos Job bin tok sey, “I get clean-heart but Baba-God don carry my justice.
  6. I dey innocent, but dem dey call me lie-lie. My wound no get cure, even though I neva commit any sin.’
  7. Which man be like Job wey dey drink disgrace like water?
  8. Wey dey waka wit sinners, and dey waka wit wicked men.
  9. He bin tok sey, ‘Man no go gain anytin if he put hin happiness on Baba-God.”
  10. So make una listen to me, una wey be men of understanding, Baba-God far well-well from wickedness, and Baba-God Almighty far from sin—sote he no fit commit sin.
  11. He go pay man based-on wetin man do. He dey handle pipo di way dem be [and by wetin dem dey do].
  12. Yes, surely Baba-God no go do wicked tin, and di Almighty no go turn judgement.
  13. Who put am in charge of di earth? Who make di ruler of di whole world?
  14. If he zero hin mind to do am, if to sey Baba-God collect hin Spirit back, con collect hin breath,
  15. all flesh go kpeme togeda, and man go turn to dust again.
  16. If you get understanding now, hear dis tok; listen to di voice of my words.
  17. Abi Baba-God fit rule if he hate justice? Abi you go condemn di Almighty judge?
  18. Abi e make-sense for pesin to tell king sey, “You be wicked pesin? And to princes—‘You be evil pesin?’
  19. Tokless of di pesin wey no-send prince, and wey no look sey bigman different from poor man? Becos na Baba-God make dem wit hin hands.
  20. All of dem go kpeme in one minute, and dem go dey shake for midnight, dem go komot from dis life; strong men go die wit no human being hand wey kill dem.
  21. Becos Baba-God eyes dey on di way of man, and he dey see everi where man dey go.
  22. E no get any darkness or any place wey dark well-well—where bad-bad pipo fit hide demsef.
  23. Baba-God no need to reason man pass as he be—to make am face judgement wit Baba-God [Baba-God no need to set time for judgement].
  24. E go break plenty-plenty strong men wey dem no fit count—to pieces, con put oda pipo for dia position.
  25. So he know dia works, and he dey turn dem for night, so dat dem go scata.
  26. He dey nack dem as wicked men for front of everi pesin,
  27. becos dem turn back from am, and dem no gree reason any of hin ways;
  28. Sote dem make poor pipo cry reach where Baba-God dey, and he hear di cry of pipo wey dey feel pain.
  29. Wen Baba-God choose to dey quiet, who fit change-am-for am? And who fit see am wen he hide hin face? Whether na against nation or against one single man.
  30. He dey stop bad pipo from ruling so dat dem no go be trap for di pipo.
  31. “Job, you don confess your sins to Baba-God, con promise sey you no go do dem again;
  32. Teach me di tins wey I no fit see , if I don do any bad-bad-tin—I no go do am again”
  33. Since you no gree for wetin Baba-God want, abi you fit expect am to do wetin you want? Na you go make di decision—and no be me; so tell us wetin you tink.
  34. Make men wey get understanding tell me, and make wise man listen to me.
  35. Job don tok like olodo [like pesin wey no sabi wetin he dey tok], and wisdom no dey for hin words.
  36. I want make Baba-God test job wit suffer-suffer—reach di end; becos he dey tok like evil men.
  37. Becos he don turn komot from Baba-God—to add-join hin sins, he dey clap hin hand to insult us, and he dey tok plenty tok against Baba-God.


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