Psalm (Pidgin Bible),  Job

Job Chapter 35

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Elihu Remember Job About Baba-God Justice

  1. But Elihu tok, con yarn sey,
  2. “Abi you tink sey wetin you don tok dey right—sey, ‘My clean-heart pass Baba-God own?’
  3. Becos you tok sey, ‘Wetin I go gain, and wetin I go gain if I dey pure wit no sin?’
  4. I go ansa you plus all your padi wey dey wit you.
  5. Look di heavens and make you see, and look di clouds wey high pass you.
  6. If you commit sin, wetin you do against am? Abi if you start to do more-more bad-bad-tins, wetin you dey do to am?
  7. If you get clean-heart—wetin dat one con give am, or wetin you put for hin hand?
  8. No, your sins dey affect only pipo wey be like you, and your good works dey only affect human being.
  9. Pipo dey cry out becos dem dey oppress dem well-well. Dem dey cry under di pawa of strong men.
  10. But no pesin dey ask sey, “Where Baba-God wey make me, wey dey give songs for night;
  11. Wey dey make us get-sense pass animals, con make us wise pass di birds for sky?
  12. Dem dey cry for there, but no pesin ansa dem, becos evil men dey feel-big.
  13. Surely, Baba-God no go listen to dia empty cry, and di Almighty no-send dem.
  14. Tokless of wen you tok sey you no dey see am, but justice dey for hin front and you must wait for Am.
  15. And to add-join, you tok sey—becos he neva punish as he dey vex, and wickedness of pipo no concern am.
  16. But you dey tok yeye tins, Job. You dey tok plenty tok like olodo.”


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