Job Chapter 36

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Elihu Show Baba-God Justice Plus Pawa

  1. Elihu still tok sey,
  2. “Make una just listen small, and I go show una sey e get plenty tin wey I wan tok for Baba-God.
  3. I go fetch my knowledge from far-far, and I go use wetin I sabi take show sey Baba-God wey create me—get clean-heart.
  4. True-true my words no be lie; pesin wey dey perfect for knowledge dey wit una.
  5. See, Baba-God great, and he no hate any pesin, and he be ogbonge for strength plus wisdom.
  6. He no dey save wicked pipo life, but he dey give poor pipo dia right.
  7. He no dey komot hin eyes from pipo wey get clean-heart, but he make dem sidon wit kings for king-chair. Yes, he go make dem stand gidigbam forever, and he dey carry dem up forever.
  8. And if dem tie men wit rope, or hold dem wit chain of wahala,
  9. he dey show dem wetin dem don do plus dia sins—sey dem dey do anyhow
  10. He dey open dia ears sef for correction, con command sey make dem komot from bad-bad-tins.
  11. If dem obey, con serve am, dem go spend dia life inside prosperity, and dem go spend dia years dey flex.
  12. But if dem no gree obey, na sword go kill dem, and dem go kpeme wit-out knowledge.
  13. But fake-pipo dey carry mata for mind; and dem no dey gree pray for epp, even wen BabaGod punish dem.
  14. Dem dey die for young age, and dia life dey among pipo wey no clean.
  15. But Baba-God dey save poor pipo inside dia suffer-head, and he dey open dia ears wit suffer-suffer.
  16. Job, Baba-God dey carry you komot from kasala, con carry you go big space where peace dey, and na beta-beta food he dey arrange for your table.
  17. But you brekete wit di judgement of evil pipo, so judgement and justice don hold you.
  18. Dey careful becos vex dey, or he go nack you wit one blow, and even plenty payment no go fit save your life.
  19. Abi all your moni or all your works protect you from wahala?
  20. No wish make night reach, wen pipo dey cut komot [vanish] from dia places.
  21. Watch yoursef, so dat you no go dey reason evil tin, dis suffer-head na to keep you from evil life [becos you don dey complain about Baba-God].
  22. See, Baba-God nahin get pawa pass, who sabi teach like am?
  23. Who fit teach am for hin way? Or who fit tok sey, ‘You don do bad tin?
  24. Remember to give hin work levels, wey men don praise for inside songs.
  25. Everi pesin don see dis tins, even if na from far-far.
  26. See, Baba-God na ogbonge, and we no fit know am finish, and we no know how many years he be.
  27. Nahin dey draw di water from di earth put for cloud, con turn am to rain.
  28. Baba-God dey let di clouds dey drop wit rain, con pour plenty rain for men.
  29. Abi any pesin fit understand how di cloud take dey spread, or di thunders wey dey roll from heaven?
  30. See as he spread hin lightning around di sky, and he dey cover bottom of di big-big-river.
  31. Na wit dis ogonge works he take dey judge di pipo, and he dey give dem food brekete.
  32. He dey full hin hand wit tunder bolts, and he dey shoot am to wetin he target.
  33. Di voice of thunders dey tok sey he don show-face; even malu dey make sound wen e wan show-face.


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