Job Chapter 37

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 Baba-God Works Plus Hin Wisdom

  1. Dis tin make my heart cut, and my heart jump from my chest.
  2. Listen well-well to di thunder of hin voice, and di sound wey dey komot from hin mouth.
  3. He send hin lightning under di whole heaven, con send am to di ends of di earth.
  4. Afta am, one voice con sound, e halla wit king voice. And wen hin voice dey sound—he no dey stop di lightning.
  5. Baba-God voice dey halla like thunder wit elele, and he dey do ogbonge tins wey we no fit understand.
  6. He dey tell snow sey, “Fall for earth,’ and both di small rain plus big rain of Hin pawa.
  7. He stop everi pesin from dia work [wit strong weather], so dat everi pesin wey he don make go sabi Hin work [sey dem dey under hin Almighty pawa].
  8. Naso di wild animals go hide for dia joint, con kpanji for dia place.
  9. Di rollig-breeze dey come from di south, and cold dey come from di north.
  10. Baba-God breath dey form ice, and di big water go freeze.
  11. He dey load di thick clouds wit water and di clouds dey scata hin lightning.
  12. And dem dey move around as he dey direct dem: so dat dem go do anytin wey he tell dem to do for di face of di whole earth.
  13. He dey bring di cloud to punish pipo, or to water hin land, or show hin love.
  14. Listen to dis tin, oh Job; stop and make you reason di ogbonge works of Baba-God.
  15. Abi you sabi how Baba-God take dey control di clouds, and how he take dey make di lightning of hin clouds flash?
  16. Abi you know how di clouds take dey balance for air—di ogbonge work of Am wey sabi finish?
  17. Why your cloth dey hot, wen he make di earth quiet wit di breeze from di south?
  18. Abi you fit join am to spread out di sky, so dat e go shine wit heat like bronze mirror?
  19. Tell us wetin we go yarn Baba-God, we no fit argue awa case becos awa minds dey for inside darkness [wetin we sabi na darkness for were Baba-God dey].
  20. Abi dem go tell Baba-God sey I wan tok? Abi man fit tok wen he dey confused?
  21. We no fit look di sun, becos e dey shine well-well for sky wen breeze don sweep di cloud.
  22. [Cloud wey dey shine like gold dey come from di north] fair weather dey come from di north, ogbonge levels as king dey around Baba-God.
  23. Awa mind no fit reason Baba-God Almighty pawa; but even though he get plenty justice and he good, he no dey oppress pipo.
  24. No wonder men dey fear; he no dey respect any pesin wey dey feel-big sey dem wise for dia own heart.”


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