Job Chapter 38

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Baba-God Face Job

  1. Naso Baba-God ansa Job from inside di rolling-breeze, con tok sey,
  2. “Who be dis wey dey question wisdom wit empty tok like olodo?
  3. Now hold your body strong like man, and ansa di questions wey I dey ask you.
  4. Where you dey wen I set di foundations of di earth? Tell me if you get di understanding.
  5. Who measure di shape of di earth, abi you know? Or who draw di line to measure di earth?
  6. Wetin dey hold di pillars of di earth, or who set di foundation stone,
  7. Wen di morning stars sing togeda, and di sons of Baba-God shout wit happiness.
  8. Or who close di gate of di big-river, make e no enta land, wen water burst from di belle of di earth?
  9. Na me cover di water wit cloud, con wrap am wit darkness.
  10. I mark di boundary of di water, and I lock am for gate make e no cross e place.
  11. I tok sey, “You don reach di place wey far, and na for here you go stop!’
  12. “You don ever command di morning to show-face, and make di sun to rise from di east,
  13. So dat di light of di day go spread reach di ends of di earth, and so dat wickedness go shake komot?
  14. Di earth go form like clay wey dem press under seal; e parts  show like di design of cloth
  15. Wicked pipo light go off, and hin hand wey he raise up go break.
  16. You don enta di place wey di water of di big-river dey flow from? Abi you don enta di deep-deep water?
  17. Abi you sabi where di gates of death dey? Abi you don see di gates of deep darkness?
  18. Abi you sabi where di earth wide reach? Tell me about am if you sabi everi-everi!
  19. Abi where light dey come from, and where darkness dey go?
  20. You fit carry dem go dia territory? You sabi di road reach there?
  21. Abi you sabi am, becos dem born you dat time and becos you old well-well?
  22. Abi you don visit di place where di stores of di snow dey, or see di store of ice-stones?
  23. I don keep dem as weapon for di day of kasala, for di day of fight and war.
  24. Where di road of where di lighting dey live? Or you sabi where di east breeze take dey from blow round di world?
  25. “Who make way for di big-water [of di heavy rain] to overflow, who set di way of di lightning of thunder;
  26. to make rain fall for dry land, for inside dersert where no pesin dey live;
  27. to water empty desert land, con make di small grass grow?
  28. “Abi rain get papa? Who dey born dews?
  29. Who be di mama of ice? Who dey born di ice-dust from heaven?
  30. Becos water dey turn to ice wey strong like rock, and di face of di river go freeze.
  31. “Abi you fit tie di chains of Pleiades* or loose di belt of Orion* (Pleiades and Orion na group of stars)?
  32. Abi you fit direct di group of stars tru dia seasons, or guide di Bear* wit her satelites?
  33. Abi you sabi di laws of di heaven? You fit use dem take control di earth?
  34. Abi you fit shout to di clouds to make rain fall cover you?
  35. Abi you fit make lightning show-face, con make am strike where you want?
  36. Who dey put wisdom for pesin mind, and understanding for pesin heart?
  37. Who wise reach to count all di clouds? Who fit pour di bottles of heaven,
  38. Wen di dust don dey dry and strong, and di thick sand wey don form togeda con dey gum demsef [becos of heat]?
  39. Abi you fit hunt bush meat for lion, con make di young lions belleful,
  40. as dem dey lie down for dia joint or hide for forest?
  41. Who dey provide food for di raven [wild bird] wen dia pikin cry to Baba-God, con dey fly upandan wit hunger?


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