Job Chapter 39

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Baba-God Tok About Di Tins Wey He Make

  1. “Abi you sabi wen di wild goats dey born pikin? You don see as dem dey born deer for inside forest?
  2. Abi you know how many months dem dey carry dia pikin for belle? You know di time wey dem dey born?
  3. Dem dey bend down to born dia pikin, con bring dia pikin come life.
  4. Dia pikin get beta body, dem dey grow strong wit food, naso dem go komot from from dia mama, and dem no go come back again.
  5. “Who dey give di wild donkey e freedom? Who make dem to dey waka wit freedom?
  6. I don put am for inside desert, na land where notin dey nahin go be hin house.
  7. E no like di noise wey dey for di city, and e no get pesin wey dey control am and wey go shout for am.
  8. Na for di mountain e dey fyne e food, na for there e dey fyne everi green grass.
  9. “Abi di malu wey dey live for forest—go agree make pesin control am? Abi e go stay for di house wey you build for am?
  10. Abi you fit tie wild malu—to work for your farm? Or e fit epp you work for di land for bottom-of-mountain?
  11. Abi you go trust am becos e get pawa? You fit leave wild malu wey dey live for forest—to come work for your farm?
  12. You fit depend on am to carry your food go house, or gada di food from your harvest ground?
  13. Di ostrich dey move her fine feathers wit levels, but you no fit compare dem to di feathers of di stork wey dey fly.
  14. She dey lay her eggs for ground, and she dey let di dust make am warm.
  15. She no dey worry sey pesin fit march dem, or wild animal fit scata dem.
  16. She no-send her pikin as if dem no belong to her. She no-send if dem kpeme.
  17. Baba-God no give her wisdom. He no give her understanding.
  18. But any time wey she jump up to run, she dey laff di horse wit di horse-rider [becos she fast pass dem].
  19. “Abi you don give horse e pawa, or di hair wey dey flow for dia necks?
  20. Abi you give am di pawa to jump like locust—as e dey cos fear wit e sound wey dey make am feel-big?
  21. E dey march for bottom-of-di-mountain, and e dey happy wit e pawa wen e dey ginger go fight war.
  22. E dey laff fear and notin dey make fear catch am. E no dey run from sword.
  23. Di sound of arrows dey shake for e side, along wit di long-sharp-weapon, plus shield.
  24. Di horse dey ginger, and e dey carry-go; and dem no gree stop wen dem hear di sound of di trumpet.
  25. Wen e hear di sound of di trumpet, e go halla. Horse dey smell di war from far-far, and dem dey hear di sound of di commanders wey dey shout.
  26. “Abi na your wisdom dey make di hawk fly high, and to spread e feathers face di south?
  27. Abi na you dey tell di eagle to fly go mountain to make e bird-house?
  28. Eagle dey make e house for di highest rock, and eagle dey make di sharp side of on top of di mountain—e safe place.
  29. Na from there eagle dey fyne animal wey e go catch as e dey watch wit e eyes wey fit see far-far
  30. Eagle pikin dey drink blood. Na for where deadbody dey you go see am.”


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