Job Chapter 4

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Eliphaz Correct Job

  1. Naso Eliphaz di Temanite ansa, con tok sey,
  2. “If we try to rub-mind wit you, you go feel sad? But who fit stop hinsef from yarning?
  3. See, you don teach plenty pipo and you don give pawa to pipo wey no get strong hand.
  4. Your words don hold pipo wey dey fall, and you don ginger di knees wey no-strong.
  5. But now all dis tins don happun to you and you dey shake, e don touch you and you dey worry.
  6. Abi your fear of God no dey give you full-mind? Abi your clean-heart plus your pure mind no dey give you hope?
  7. “Reason am! Tell me any time wey you don see innocent pesin die? Or where man wey get clean-heart fall?
  8. I don see, pipo wey dey plant farm of sin, and wey dey plant wickedness—and dem dey harvest di same tin.
  9. Dem kpeme wen Baba-God breath, and dem scata wen he kabash wit vex.
  10. Lion wey dey halla, and di voice of rugged lion, plus di teeth of young lion—dey break.
  11. Di old lion dey kpeme becos e no see animal catch, and strong lion-pikin go scata.
  12. “E get one secret wey I hear, as if pesin tok-small-small for my ear.
  13. E come meet me for one vision for night and e make me fear, wen pipo don sleep go far.
  14. Fear catch me, and my mind cut—sote all my bones con dey shake.
  15. Naso one spirit pass front of my face; and di hair wey dey for my body con stand up.
  16. Di spirit stand for one place, but I no fit understand wetin e be: one image con dey for my eyes, everi where silence, so I hear one voice wey tok sey,
  17. “Abi man wey no dey live forever fit get clean-heart pass Baba-God? Abi man fit pure pass who make am?
  18. See, he no trust hin servants, and he dey correct di error of angels:
  19. Tokless of men wey Baba-God make wit clay, wey dia foundation dey for dust, and wey dey die like moth [insect]!
  20. Dem dey alive for morning and by evening dem don kpeme. Dem go die like dat—and no-pesin go even reason am.
  21. Abi dia levels no dey cut like rope of tent? And dem dey die wit-out wisdom [like olodo].’


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