Job Chapter 40

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  1. Naso Baba-God tell Job sey,
  2. “Abi you still wan argue wit Baba-God Almighty? You dey see fault inside Baba-God, but you get ansas?”
  3. Job con ansa Baba-God,
  4. “I be notin—how I go fit ever get ansa? I go cover my mouth wit my hand.
  5. I don already tok too much. I no get anytin to tok again.”
  6. Naso Baba-God ansa Job from inside di rolling-breeze:
  7. “Hold body like man, becos I get some questions to ask you and you must ansa dem.
  8. “Abi you go downgrade my justice, con condemn me just to confam sey you dey correct?
  9. Abi you strong reach Baba-God? Abi you fit shout like thunder like am?
  10. Ok, wear your levels and your beauty, your respect and your levels as king.
  11. Look di pipo wey dey feel-big; pour your vex on dem, and make you bring dem down.
  12. Look di pipo wey dey feel-big, and make you bring dem down; and march wicked pipo for where dem dey.
  13. Bury dem for inside dust togeda, cover dia faces for dark place (di house of death).
  14. Den even me go praise you, becos your own pawa go save you.
  15. “Just look Behemoth wey I make just as I make you; he dey chop grass like malu.
  16. See di pawa for hin belle, plus di muscles for hin belle.
  17. E tail dey stand up strong like cedar wood, di muscles for e lap tight togeda.
  18. E bones be like strong pieces of bronze; and e ribs be like thick iron.
  19. Na good example of Baba-God handwork, and na only Baba-God wey make am nahin fit threaten am wit sword.
  20. Di mountains dey feed am wit dia best food, where all di wild animals dey play.
  21. E dey lie down under di trees wit shade, and e dey hide under di grass of di swamp.
  22. Di trees wit shade dey give am shade among di willows near di stream.
  23. Di water wey dey vex no fit disturb am, and e no-send even wen river Jordan dey over-flow.
  24. No pesin fit catch am dey loose guard or put ring for e nose to carry am komot.


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