Job Chapter 41

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Baba-God Pawa Inside Big Animal

  1. Abi you fit catch di biggest animal for big-big-river wit hook, or tie e tongue wit rope wey you put inside water?
  2. You fit tie e nose wit rope, or use hook take shuuk e jaw?
  3. Abi e go beg you well-well make you sorry-for am? Abi e go follow you tok soft words?
  4. Abi e go make agreement wit you, abi you go take am as servant forever?
  5. You fit play wit am like bird, or carry am give your small girls make dem use a take play?
  6. Abi market-pipo go try to buy am—to sell am for shops?
  7. Abi you go fit shuuk e skin wit long-sharp-weapon, or shuuk e head wit long-fish-arrow?
  8. If you put your hand on am, you go surely remember di fight wey go happun. For your life, you no go try am again!
  9. No, e no make sense for you to try to catch am. Di hunter wey try to catch am go fear wen he see am.
  10. And since no pesin get-liver to disturb am, who go con fit face me?
  11. Who don first give Me anytin—sote I need to pay a back? Everitin wey dey under heaven belong to me.
  12. “I wan tok more about di biggest animal for water, and e big pawa, plus di way e take fine.
  13. Who fit komot e skin, and who fit cut enta di double skin, or who fit near am wit two ropes to control am like horse?
  14. Who fit open e jaws? E teeth long and sharp well-well round e mouth!
  15. Di scales for e back be like plenty shields wey dem join togeda tight.
  16. Dem near demsef well-well sote no air fit pass tru dem.
  17. Everi single scale dey join di next one tight. Dem lock demsef and notin fit pass tru am.
  18. “Wen e sneeze, e dey flash light! E eyes be like di lines-of-light of di morning sun.
  19. Light wey dey burn dey komot from e mouth. Sparks of faya dey jump out!
  20. Smoke dey komot from e nose-pipe, like pot wey dey boil or grass wey dey burn.
  21. E breath go make charcoal catch faya, and faya dey komot from e mouth.
  22. Pawa dey for e neck, and fear dey dance for e front.
  23. E skin hard and strong kakaraka sote notin fit shuuk am
  24. E heart strong like stone, e strong like grinding-stone.
  25. Wen e stand up, strong men dey fear, dem dey kpanji wen e dey jump inside di water.
  26. No sword fit stop am, no long-sharp-weapon, sharp-stick, or long-arrow.
  27. To am; iron be like grass, and bronze be like wood wey don rotten.
  28. Arrows no fit make am run. Stones wey dem shoot from catapult be like chaff for am.
  29. Sticks be like grass for am, and e dey laff wen men dey throw long-sharp-weapons.
  30. E belle cover wit fish-skin wey sharp like pieces of clay pot wey don break. E dey dig di ground as e dey move for mud.
  31. E dey make di deep-deep water boil like pot: he dey make di water boil like pot of ororo.
  32. Wen e move, di water dey shine wit foam for hin back—like sey e get white hair.
  33. Notin for earth fit stand am, no oda animal dey wey no dey fear like am.
  34. Out of all di animals, nahin dey feel-big pass. Nahin be di king of all di animals wey dey feel-big.”


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