Job Chapter 42

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Job Humble Hinsef For Baba-God

  1. So Job ansa Baba-God, con tok sey,
  2. “I know sey you fit do everitin, and no reasoning dey coded from you.
  3. You ask sey, ‘Who be dis wey dey challenge my wisdom like olodo?’ I bin dey tok about tins wey I no even understand, tins wey my head no fit carry, and wey I no even sabi.
  4. You tok sey, ‘Listen, and I go tok! I get some questions for you, and you must ansa dem.’
  5. I don only hear about you before from wetin oda pipo tok, but now I don see you wit my own eyes.
  6. I take back everitin wey I don tok, and I dey sidon for dust plus ashes to show sey I don repent.”

Baba-God Change-am-for Job Padi

7. Afta Baba-God don follow Job tok finish, he tell Eliphaz wey be di Temanite sey: “I dey vex for you and di two of your padi, becos una no tok correct tins about me, just like my servant Job.

8. So carry seven small malu, plus seven rams, and go meet my servant Job, con give burnt offering for unasef. My servant Job go pray for una, and I go accept hin prayer wey he pray for una, unless I go deal wit una based-on una mumu reasoning, becos una no tok di correct tins about me just like my servant Job.”

9. So Eliphaz wey be di Temanite, Bildad di Shuhite, plus Zophar di Naamathite do wetin Baba-God tell dem to do, naso Baba-God accept Job prayer.

10. Wen Job pray for hin padi, Baba-God give Job everi beta tin back. Evensef, Baba-God give am double of wetin he bin get before!

11. Naso all hin brodas, sistas, and hin old padi come, con chop wit am for hin house. And dem cool am down becos of all di palava wey Baba-God show am. Naso everi single one of dem carry gift of moni, plus gold earring come meet Job.

12. So Baba-God bless Job for di second half of hin life even pass di starting. Becos now he con get 14,000 sheep, 6,000 camels, 1,000 groups of malu wey dey work for farm, plus 1000 female donkeys.

13. He still give Job even more sons plus three more daughters.

14. He name hin first daughter Jemimah, di second one name na Keziah, and di third one name na Keren-happuch.

15. For di whole land, no women fine reach Job daughters. And dia papa give both hin sons and daughters properties.

16. Job live for 140 years afta dat, he see four generations of hin pikin, hin pikin-pikin, and hin pikin-pikin-pikin.

17. So he kpeme as old man wey live long, wit plenty years.


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