Job Chapter 5

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Eliphaz Kontinu

  1. Call now, if any pesin dey wey go ansa you; and to which of di saints you go turn to?
  2. Vex dey kill mumu man, and envy dey kill swegbe.
  3. I don see mumu dey grow from hin root, but before you know I curse hin house.
  4. Hin pikin dey far from safety, and dem go kpeme for di gate, and no pesin dey to save dem.
  5. Hungry pipo dey chop hin harvest, and dem dey komot am—even wen shuuku-shuuku dey round am, and pipo dey set trap for di moni.
  6. Even though suffer-head no dey come from dust, or sey wahala dey show-face from ground;
  7. Still, dem born man enta palava—just as spark take dey fly go up from faya.
  8. I go fyne Baba-God, and I go put my business for Baba-God hand;
  9. Baba-God wey dey do ogbonge tins, tin wey no pesin fit understand, and plenty wonderful tins wey pesin no fit count.
  10. Wey dey pour rain for di earth and wey dey send water for di land—
  11. to carry low-key pipo [poor pipo] go up, so dat those pipo wey dey feel sad go go up for where dey safe.
  12. He dey fall di hand of pipo wey dey plan evil tins, sote dia hand no fit do dia business.
  13. He dey catch wise pipo inside dia own wiseness, so dat di plans of wayo pipo go sharply spoil.
  14. Dem meet darkness for day time, and for afta-noon—dem dey waka like pipo wey no dey see for night.
  15. But he dey save poor pipo from sword, from dia mouth and from di hand of strong pipo.
  16. So dat poor pipo go get hope and wickedness go close e mouth.
  17. See, di man wey Baba-God dey correct na happy man; so make you no hate wen Baba-God Almighty dey correct you.
  18. Even tough he dey wound, he still dey bandage pesin. He fit nack pesin, but hin hand still dey heal pesin.
  19. He go save you from six kasala; yes, he go even save you from di seventh one, and he go protect you from evil.
  20. Wen hungry dey for town—he go save you from death, and for war time—he go save you from di pawa of di sword.
  21. You go dey safe from bad-mouth, and you no go dey fear wen scata-scata show-face.
  22. Wen hunger and scata-scata dey for town—you go dey laff, and you no go fear di wild animals of di earth.
  23. You go get peace even wit stone for field, and even di wild animals go get peace wit you.
  24. You go know sey your house dey safe. Wen you enta your house and notin go dey miss.
  25. You go know sey your pikin go brekete, and your pikin go grow like grass of di earth.
  26. You go enta grave wen you don live your full life, like corn wey dem gada from harvest for di correct time!
  27. “We don read life and we don see sey all dis tins na true. Listen to my advice and make you use am for your life.”


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