Job Chapter 6

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Job Ansa

  1. But Job ansa con tok sey,
  2. “If dem fit calculate my sadness, and dem fit put my palava for scales.
  3. Becos now, dem for heavy pass sand-sand wey dey for big-river; nahin make me tok any how.
  4. Becos Baba-God arrows dey for my body, my spirit dey drink dia poison. Baba-God kasala don line up against me.
  5. Abi wild donkey dey cry wen e dey chop grass? Abi malu dey halla wen dem see food chop?
  6. Abi pesin fit chop food wey no get taste wit no salt? Abi di white of egg get any taste?
  7. I no fit touch dem, dat kain food dey make me sick.
  8. How I wish sey I fit get wetin I ask for, and sey Baba-God fit give me di tins wey I want!
  9. Even though e go make Baba-God happy to scata me; sey he go loose hin hand from me, con cut me komot!
  10. Na den I for get sometin to cool me down? Yes, I go get strong mind for inside my serious pain, sey I neva deny or change di words of di Holy One.
  11. Wetin be my pawa wey go make me get hope? Wetin go happun to me las-las—wey go make me con dey endure?
  12. Abi my strength na di strength of stones? Abi na brass dem take make my body?
  13. Abi I no fit epp mysef, and success plus wisdom don komot from me?
  14. “Pesin suppose show kindness to hin padi wey dey suffer, so dat he no go fashi di fear Baba-God Almighty?
  15. But my brodas, una don confam to me sey I no fit depend on una—just like river wey dey dry wen rain stop to dey fall,
  16. wey dey dark becos of ice, and snow wey dey melt.
  17. But wen hot weather go show-face, di water go stop to dey flow. Di river go vanish for di heat.
  18. Naso di travellers wey dey travell for di road go turn, dem go lose for inside desert as dem dey fyne water.
  19. Di travellers of Tema fyne water, di travellers of Sheba hope for dem.
  20. Dem bin dey put mind on am, but e disappoint dem; dem reach there but dem lose hope.
  21. Una sef no give me any epp. Una don see my gbege and fear catch una.
  22. Abi I don ever ask una for gift before? Abi I don ever beg una for anytin wey belong to una?
  23. Abi I don ever ask una to save me from my enemy hand? Or save me from di hands of evil men?
  24. Teach me and I go hold my tongue; and make me understand where I don do wrong tin.
  25. Truth dey pain, but who una argument epp?
  26. Abi una dey tink about correcting my words, di words of hopless man –words wey be like breeze?
  27. Una fit sell pesin wey no get papa, or sell una padi.
  28. Abeg make una look me! Abi I go lie for una front?
  29. Make una stop to dey reason sey I don do bad, becos I neva do any wrong tin.
  30. Abi una tink sey I dey tok lie? Abi my taste no fit understand bend-bend tok?


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