Job Chapter 7

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Job Kontinu: E Be Like Sey Life Empty

  1. Abi man no get hin time to live for di earth? Abi hin days no be like pesin wey dem employ?
  2. Like slave wey wan stay under shade, like worker wey dey wait for hin salary,
  3. naso I dey wait in vain for months, plus night of worry-worry nahin I dey face.
  4. Wen I lie down I go tok sey, “Wen I go stand up so dat di night go pass? And I dey move upandan until morning reach.
  5. Worms full my body like cloth, and thick dust fully my body, my skin dey tear, and my wound dey flow wit pus.

Job Cry To Baba-God

6. “My days fast pass weaving-machine, and I dey spend my days wit-no hope.

7. Oh remember sey my life be like breeze: my eyes no go see beta tin again.

8. Di eyes of pesin wey don see me before—no go see me again: your eyes dey on me, and I no go dey again.

9. As cloud take dey fade and vanish komot, naso pesin wey dey enta grave—no dey come up again.

10. He no go go back to hin house, and hin place no go know am again.

11. So I no go hold my mouth. I go tok as my spirit dey feel pains, I go complain as my soul dey bitter inside me.

12. Abi I be big-river, abi I be whale—wey you dey set guard for me?

13. Wen I tok sey, “My bed go cool me down, and my soft-chair go make me calm down from worry-worry,’

14. naso you go use dreams take make me fear, and you make my mind dey cut wit vision:

15. sote my soul dey choose choking plus death, instead of my life.

16. I hate my life and I no wan live again. Free me becos my days na vanity.

17. Wetin be man wey you dey give am levels? And wey go make you carry hin mata for your heart?

18. And wey go make you dey torch-light am everi morning, and test am everi minute?

19. How long wey you no wan free me, or leave me small make I swallow spit?

20. I don commit sin? Wetin I go do for you, oh you wey dey keep me? Why you don target me—sote I con be wahala for my own sef?

21. And why you no dey forgive my bad-bad ways, con carry my sins komot? becos now I go sleep for dust, and you go fyne me for morning, but I no go dey again.”


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