Job Chapter 8

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Bildad Tok For Baba-God

  1. Bildad di Shuhite con ansa sey,
  2. “How long you go dey tok dis tins and how long di word wey dey komot from your mouth go be like strong-breeze?
  3. Abi Baba-God dey bend hin judgement? Abi di Almighty Baba-God dey bend justice?
  4. If your pikin don sin against am and he don komot dem becos of dia bad-bad ways;
  5. If you go fyne Baba-God sharp-sharp, and make your prayer request to Baba-God Almighty;
  6. If you pure and your way clean, surely now, he go wake up for you, con give you back di place of your goodness.
  7. Even though your starting bin dey small, las-las you go prosper well-well.
  8. Just ask di generation wey bin dey before now. Look and reason wetin dia ancestors experience.
  9. (Na just yesterday dem born us and we no sabi anytin, becos awa days for di earth be like shadow).
  10. But those wey come before us go teach you. Dem go teach you di wisdom from dia hearts.
  11. “Abi papyrus fit grow tall for where no be water-land? Abi reed fit grow for where water no dey?
  12. As dem still dey grow flower and wen dem neva cut am, e dey dry before any oda plant.
  13. Naso di way of everi pipo wey fashi Baba-God be, and fake-pipo hope go kpeme.
  14. Dia hope go cut komot, and dia trust go be like spider web.
  15. He go rest body for hin house, but e no go stand: he go hold am thight, but e no go fit stand gidigbam.
  16. He dey grow like green for front of di sun, and hin branches dey spread for inside hin garden.
  17. Hin root go wrap around plenty stones; and he dey fyne house among di stones.
  18. But wen dem komot evil pipo root, e go be like sey dem bin no dey before!
  19. Na dis be di happiness wey evil pesin get, and odas go grow from di earth to take hin place.
  20. See, Baba-God no go pursue perfect man komot, and he no go epp pipo wey dey do evil tins:
  21. Until he full your mouth wit laff and your lips wit singing.
  22. Pipo wey hate you go wear shame for body like cloth, and wicked pipo house go turn to notin.


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