Nehemiah Chapter 11

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Di New Pipo Wey Dey Stay For Jerusalem

  1. Now di leaders of di pipo settle down for Jerusalem, and di remaining pipo cast lot* to choose one out of everi ten pipo wey go live for di holy city of Jerusalem, and di rest pipo go stay for di oda cities.
  2. So di pipo bless all di men wey go live for Jerusalem wit free mind.
  3. Dis na na di di leaders of di territories, wey settle down for Jerusalem. (But for di cities of Judah, everi single one of dem stay for dia own property, inside dia cities—some Israel pipo, priests, Levites, servants of Baba-God house (Nethinims), and pikin-pikin-pikin of Solomon servants.
  4. Den odas from both Judah plus Benjamin stay for Jerusalem. From di pikin-pikin-pikin of Judah na: Athaiah wey be di son of Uzziah, di son of Zechariah, di son of Amariah, di son of Shephatiah, di son of Mahalalel, from di pikin-pikin-pikin of Perez;
  5. plus Maaseiah wey be di son of Baruch, di son of Col-hozeh, di son of Hazaiah, di son of Adaiah, di son of Joiarib, di son of Zechariah, di son of Shiloni.
  6. All di sons of Perez wey stay for Jerusalem—na 468 strong men.
  7. Dis na di sons of Benjamin: Sallu wey be di son of Meshullam, di son of Joed, di son of Pedaiah, di son of Kolaiah, di son of Maaseiah, di son of Ithel, di son of Jeshaiah.
  8. And afta am na, Gabbai and Sallai. All of dem na 928 men.
  9. Joel wey be di son of Zichri nahin be dia chief, and Judah wey be di son of Hassenuah na di second for rank—for inside di city.
  10. From di priests: Jedaiah wey be di son of Joiarib; Jakin;
  11. Seraiah wey be di son of Hilkiah, di son of Meshullam, di son of Zadok, di son of Meraioth, di son of Ahitub wey be di supervisor inside Baba-God house,
  12. Plus 822 of dia brodas wey do di work for Baba-God house; and Adaiah wey be di son of Jeroham, di son of Pelaliah, di son of Amzi, di son of Zechariah, di son of Pashhur, di son of Malkijah,
  13. and 242 of hin brodas wey be di head of dia families; and Amashai wey be di son of Azareel, di son of Ahasai, di son of Meshilemoth, di son of Immer,
  14. And 128 of hin brodas wey be strong men. Dia chief na Zabdiel wey be di son of Haggedolim (one of di great men).
  15. From di Levites: Shemaiah wey be di son of Hasshub, di son of Azrikam, di son of Hashabiah, di son of Bunni;
  16. And Shabbethai plus Jozabad, two of di leaders of di Levites wey dey in charge of di outside work for Baba-God house;
  17. And Mattaniah wey be di son of Mica, di son of Zabdi, di son of Asaph, di leader wey dey lead di tanksgiving wit prayer; and Bakbukiah wey be second among hin brodas; and Abda wey be di son of Shammua, di son of  Galal, di son of Jeduthun.
  18. Di total number of di Levites wey dey for di holy city na 284.
  19. Di guards for Baba-God house na: Akkub, Talmon and dia brodas, wey dey watch for di gate na 172 men.
  20. Di rest of di pipo of Israel, wit di priests plus di Levites dey for all di cities of Judah, everi one of dem for dia papa-papa-papa property.
  21. Di servants for Baba-God house (Nethinims) stay for Ophel; Ziha plus Gishpa nahin dey in charge of dem.
  22. Di chief officer of di Levites wey dey for Jerusalem na Uzzi, wey be di son of Bani, di son of Hashabiah, di son of Mattaniah, di son of Mica. Uzzi na one of di pikin-pikin-pikin of Asaph; dia family serve as musicians for Baba-God house.
  23. Di singers dey under di control of di king, wey dey control wetin dem dey do everi day.
  24. Pethahiah wey be di son of Meshezabel, one of di pikin-pikin-pikin of Zerah, wey be son of Judah, nahin dey epp di king for all hin mata wit di pipo.
  25. As for di villages wit dia farms; some of di pipo of Judah stay for Kiriatharba and di villages wey dey around, for Dibon and e villages, for Jekabzeel and e villages,
  26. And for inside Jeshua, inside Moladah, inside Beth-pelet,
  27. For inside Hazarshual, for inside Beersheba and e villages,
  28. For inside Ziklag, for inside Meconah and e villages.
  29. For inside En-rimmon, inside Zorah, for inside Jarmuth,
  30. Zanoah, Adullam, and dia villages, for inside Lachish and e farms, and for inside Azekah and e villages. So di pipo of Judah live for di area between Beersheba go reach bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Hinnom.
  31. Di pikin-pikin-pikin of Benjamin from Geba—stay for inside Michmash, Aija, Bethel and for dia villages.
  32. And for inside Anathoth, Nob and Ananiah,
  33. For inside Hazor, Ramah plus Gittaim,
  34. For inside Hadid, Zebiom plus Neballat,
  35. For inside Lod and Ono, bottom-of-di-mountain of di artists.
  36. Some groups of Levites of Judah, settle down for Benjamin.


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