Nehemiah Chapter 13

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               Dem Separate Foreigners

  1. On dat day dem read di Book of Moses loud make everi pesin hear am, and dem see one page wey tok sey make dem no ever allow any Ammorite or Moabite gada wit Baba-God pipo forever.
  2. Becos dem no carry food and water come give di pipo of Israel—but dem pay Balaam to curse dem. (But awa God turn di curse to blessing.)
  3. E con happun sey wen di pipo hear dis law, dem separate all di pipo wey get foreigner blood from Israel.
  4. Before dis tin, Eliashib wey be di priest nahin dey in charge of di storerooms of Baba-God house. Eliashib and Tobiah na family,
  5. so Eliashib give Tobiah big room. Dem bin dey use take keep seed offering, plus incense, cooking-tools, tithes of seeds, new wine, plus ororo—wey di Levites, singers and guards dey collect just as di law tok, and di gifts to di priests.
  6. But as all dis tins dey happun, I no bin dey for Jerusalem, becos for di thirty-second year of Artaxerxes wey be di king of Babylon—I go back to meet di king. Lata-lata, I ask am to allow me komot small,
  7. So I come back to Jerusalem, con hear about di evil tin wey Eliashib don do, as he give Tobiah room inside Baba-God house.
  8. Di tin vex me well-well sote I con throway all Tobiah properties komot from di room.
  9. I tell dem sey make dem clean di rooms, I con put back di cooking-tools of Baba-God house, wit di seed offerings plus incense.
  10. I still hear sey dem neva give di Levite di portion wey dem suppose give dem, so all di Levites plus di singers wey dey work for di service—don go back to dia own farms.
  11. So I change am for di officials, con ask dem sey, “Why una dey fashi Baba-God house?” So I call dem togeda, con put dem for dia position.
  12. Naso di whole of Judah con bring dia tithe of di corn, new wine, plus ororo, enta di storerooms.
  13. I put supervisors for di stores—Shelemiah di priest, Zadok di writer, plus Pedaiah wey be one of di Levites. Next to dem, I choose Hanan wey be di son of Zaccur and pikin-pikin of Mattaniah. All dis men get beta character, and dia work na to share di tins to dia fellow Levites.
  14. “Remember me for dis tins, oh my God, and no wipe out all di beta tins wey I don do for di house of my God and for e services.”
  15. For those days, I see di men of Judah dey press dia grape for dia grape-factory for Sabbath day. Evensef, dem dey carry food enta, dem load am for donkeys, and dem dey bring dia wine, grapes, figs, and different-different market come Jerusalem to sell for Sabbath. So I change am for dem for selling dia market on dat day.
  16. Men from Tyre wey dey live for Jerusalem dey bring fish plus different-different market [goods], and dem dey sell dem for Jerusalem—and to di pipo of Judah, on di day of Sabbath.
  17. I change am for di leaders of Judah, con tell dem sey, “Which kain wicked tin una dey do so—una dey spoil di Sabbath day?
  18. Abi una papa-papa-papa no do di same tins—sote Baba-God carry all di gbege put for awa head and for di city? Now una dey ginger Baba-God to vex more-more against Israel by spoiling di Sabbath.”
  19. Naso I tell dem sey make dem dey close di gates of Jerusalem wen day don dey dark—everi friday evening, and make dem no open am until Sabbath don finish. I send some of my own servants to guard di gates so dat pipo no go buy anytin on Sabbath day.
  20. E happun once or twice: di market-pipo and di pipo wey dey sell different-different kind of tins con sleep for night for outside Jerusalem.
  21. But I warn dem, con tell dem sey, “Why una dey sleep near di wall for night, if una do dis kain tin again, Imy hand go touch una.” So from dat time go—dem stop to dey come on Sabbath day again.
  22. So I tell di Levites sey make dem clean demsef, and make dem go guard di gates so dat dem go fit keep di Sabbath day holy. “Oh my God, remember me for dis tin sef, and make you sorry-for me based-on your big love.”
  23. Around those days, I see some Jews don marry women from Ashdod, Ammon plus Moab.
  24. And dia pikin dey speak half of di language of Ashod, and dem no fit speak Jews language, but dem dey speak one of di language of di oda pipo.
  25. I change am for dem, con curse dem. I beat some of di men con drag some of dia hair komot. I make dem take oath wit Baba-God name, con tok sey: “Make una no give una daughters to marry dia sons, and make una no allow dia daughters marry una sons or marry una.
  26. Abi no be becos of dis kain tins nahin make Solomon commit sin? No king dey like Solomon among many nations. Baba-God love am, and Baba-God make am king for di whole Israel, but even Solomon allow foreign women make am commit sin.
  27. Must we hear sey una sef dey do all dis kain serious evil tins, and una no dey faithful to awa God—by marrying foreign women?”
  28. One of di sons of Joiada wey be di son of Eliashib di high priest na son-in-law to Sabballat di Horonites. And I pursue am komot from my side.
  29. Oh my God, remember dem, becos dem spoil di priest office, plus di agreement of di priests office and di Levites.
  30. So I clean di priest plus di Levites from everitin wey be foreign, con give dem dia work, everi pesin get hin own work.
  31. I still make sure sey pipo bring di supply of wood for di altar and di first part of di harvest (firstfruits) for di correct time. Remember me, oh Baba-God, becos of di beta tin wey I don do.


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