Nehemiah Chapter 2

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Artaxerxes Send Nehemiah Go Jerusalem

  1. E con happun sey for di month of Nisan, on di twentieth year of di King Artaxerxes, wine dey for di king front, I con serve di king wine. I neva feel sad for hin front before;
  2. So di king ask me sey, “Why your face dey look sad wen e no be like sey you dey sick. Na only sadness for inside heart fit cos dis one.” Fear catch me well-well,
  3. But I tell di king sey, “Make di king live forever! Why my face no go look sad, wen di city, di place of my ancestors grave—don scata finish, and di gates don burn wit faya?”
  4. Di king con tell me sey, “Wetin you want?” Naso I pray to Baba-God of heaven,
  5. And I ansa di king, “If e go make di king happy, and if me your servant don see favour for your eyes, make di king send me go di city of Judah, where dem bury my ancestors—so dat I go fit build am again.”
  6. Den di king plus di queen wey sidon near am con ask me sey, “How long you go take travel go there, and wen you go come back?” Di king dey okay to send me; so I con fix time.
  7. I still yarn am sey, “If e go make di king happy, make I get letters to di govnors for di oda side of di river—so dat dem go let me travel pass dia territories safely as I dey go Judah.
  8. And give me letter wey I go give Asaph, di pesin wey dey keep di king forest, so dat he go give me wood for di gates of di palace of Baba-God house, for di walls of di city, and for house wey I go stay.” So di king do wetin I ask for—becos Baba-God good hand dey on me.
  9. So I go meet di govnors for dis oda side of River Euphrates, con give am di letters from di king. Di king send captains of di army, plus horse-riders wit me.
  10. Wen Sanballat di Horonites plus Tobiah di Ammonite officials hear about dis tins, e pepper dem for body well-well—sey pesin don come to epp di pipo of Israel.

Nehemiah Go Look Jerusalem Walls

11. I go Jerusalem, and afta I stay for there for three days,

12. I komot for night wit some men. I no tell any pesin wetin my God don put inside my heart to do for Jerusalem. Di only animal wey I take na di donkey wey I dey ride.

13. For night I pass di gate for bottom-of-di-mountain, con dey go near di Well of Snakes and di Dustbin Gate—as I dey look di walls of Jerusalem wey dem don break, and e gates wey dem don burn wit faya.

14. So I con move near di Gate of wells and di king Pool. Di donkey wey I dey ride no con see any road to pass becos of di scata-scata.

15. Even though na night, I go down for bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Kidron, con dey ride go for there, as I dey look di wall. Naso I turn back, I enta di Gate of bottom-of-di-mountain, con enta di city back.

16. Di leaders no know where I go or wetin I dey do. I neva tell any of di Jews anytin—even di priests, di leaders, di officials, or any oda pesin wey go join di work.


So I con tell dem sey, “Una dey see di wahala wey we dey so: Jerusalem don jagajaga, and dem don burn e gates wit faya. Come make we build di wall of Jerusalem again, so dat disgrace no go catch us again.”

18. I still tell dem about Baba-God hand of grace wey dey on me, and wetin di king tell me. Dem con ansa me sey, “Make we stand up, con start to dey build.” Naso dem ginger dia hand to start dis beta work.

19. But wen Sanballat di Horonite, Tobiah di Ammonite official, plus Geshem di Arab—hear about am; dem con dey laff and yab us, dem con dey ask sey, “Wetin be dis wey una dey do? Abi una dey turn against di king?”

20. Naso I ansa dem sey, “Baba-God of heaven go give us success. We wey be hin servants go start to dey build, but as for una—una no get any share, or right inside Jerusalem or any history for here.”


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