Nehemiah Chapter 4

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Di Workers Guard Di Wall

  1. E con happun sey, wen Sanballat hear sey we dey build di wall again, he con start to dey vex well-well. He con dey yab di Jews,
  2. And for front of all hin brodas, and di army of Samaria, he tok sey, “Wetin all dis Jews wey no get pawa dey do? Dem go fit build dia wall again? Dem go fit offer sacrifice? Dem go fit finish di work in one day? Dem fit bring di stones back to dia position, from di stones wey don scata-scata—and as dem don burn kpatakpata?”
  3. Tobiah wey be Ammonite wey dey near am, con tok sey, “If ordinary fox climb wetin dem dey build—e go break dia wall of stones!”
  4. Hear us, Oh awa God, becos dem hate us. Make all dia insults go back to sender—for dia head. Make pipo rob dem for land wey dem go catch dem go as prisoners.
  5. No cover dia sins or komot dia sins from your front, becos dem don throw insults to make you vex—for front of di pipo wey dey build.
  6. So we build di wall sote e con high reach half, becos di pipo work wit all dia heart.
  7. But e con happun sey, wen Sanballat, Tobiah, di Arabs, di Ammonites, plus di men of Ashdod—con hear sey dem dey repair Jerusalem wall, and sey dem don close di spaces for di wall—dem con dey vex well-well.
  8. Naso all of dem plan togeda to come attack Jerusalem, con cos katakata for there.
  9. But we pray to awa God, and we put one guard for there, for morning and night, becos of dem.
  10. Naso di pipo of Judah tok sey, “Di workers don dey taya, and plenty stones scata for ground—sote we no fit build di wall again.”
  11. Even awa enemies tok sey, “Before dem know, or see us; we go dey for there among dem, con kill dem so dat di work go fit end.”
  12. Naso di Jews wey dey live near dem come gist us ten times, “Dem go come from everi corner, con attack us.”
  13. So I put some pipo for back of di lowest part of di wall, for di places wey open—I post dem by dia families, wit dis swords, long-sharp-weapon, and dia bows and arrow.
  14. Afta I look tins again, I stand up con tell di leaders, di princes, plus di rest of di pipo, sey, “Make una no fear dem. Remember Baba-God wey great, and wey be ogbonge; and fight for una brodas, una sons, una daughters, plus una wives, and una houses!”
  15. Wen awa enemies notice sey we know dia plans, and dem see sey Baba-God don scata dia plans, all of us go back to di wall, and everi pesin face hin work.
  16. From dat day go, half of my men do di work, and di oda half of di men carry different weapons like; shield, bows and arrows, fighting-cloth, and long-sharp-weapon. And di leaders stand for back of di pipo of Judah.
  17. Those pipo wey dey build di wall, and those pipo wey dey carry materials (carry kpon-kpon) do dia work wit one hand, con carry weapon wit dia second hand,
  18. and everi of di builders wear di sword for dia side as dem dey work. But di man wey dey blow di trumpet stay wit me.
  19. I con tell di leaders, di officials, plus di rest of di pipo sey, “Di work big well-well and e long, and we don dey far from each oda along di wall.
  20. Any where wey una hear di sound of di trumpet, make una come meet us for there. Na awa God go fight for us!”
  21. So we kontinu di work wit half of di men wey dey hold long-sharp-weapon, from wen sun rise till wen stars come out.
  22. Around dat time, I still tell di pipo sey, “Make everi man wit hin servant stay inside Jerusalem for night—so dat dem go fit serve us as vigilante for night, and labourers for day.”
  23. So even me, or my brodas, and my men, or di guards wey dey wit me—no komot dia clothes, all of dem carry weapon, even wen dem go wash for water.


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