Nehemiah Chapter 5

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Nehemiah Epp Poor Pipo

  1. Now di men plus dia wives con cry out against dia Jews brodas.
  2. Some dey tok sey, “We get big families, and plenty pikin, we need more food to survive.”
  3. Odas dey tok sey, “We don use awa farms take borrow moni, and we use even awa grape-farms plus awa houses take get food for di time wen hunger dey.”
  4. Odas still dey tok sey, “We even borrow moni to pay di king tax for awa land and farms.
  5. Even though we be di same pipo, di same flesh and blood, and awa sons be like dia sons—but we still dey force awa sons and daughters to be slaves. Dem don buy some of awa daughters as slaves, and we no get pawa to save dem, becos awa land and awa grape-farms belong to oda pipo.”
  6. Wen I hear dia cry and di mata wey dem dey raise, I con vex well-well.
  7. I con reason wit mysef, and I tok against di leaders plus di officials. I tell dem sey, “Una dey collect extra moni from una own brodas wen una borrow dem moni!” So I call one big meeting to deal wit dem.
  8.  Naso I tok sey: “Even if di place far well-well, we don bring back awa Jew brodas wey dem sell go abroad. Now una dey sell una own brodas, for us to buy dem back!” So dem keep quiet becos dem no see anytin to tok.
  9. So I kontinu, “Wetin una dey do no be di right tin. Abi una no suppose to dey waka inside di fear of Baba-God so dat awa enemies wey no sabi Baba-God—no go disgrace us?
  10. Even me and my brodas, plus my men don dey borrow dis pipo moni plus food, biko make we stop dis business of collecting extra moni wen awa broda wan borrow moni.
  11. Abeg, make una give dem back dia farms now-now-now, even dia grape-farms, olive farms, plus houses, along wit di extra moni wey una dey charge dem for borrowing moni, food, fresh wine, plus ororo.
  12. Dem con tok sey, “We go give dem back, and we no go ask dem for anytin again. We go do wetin you tok.” So I call di priests, con make di princes plus di officials take oath to do wetin dem promise to do.
  13. I shake my cloth come out, con tok sey, “Naso Baba-God go take shake everi man komot from hin house and from hin property—wey no gree do wetin he don promise. Naso Baba-God go take shake am, con pour am come out.” And all di pipo wey gada con tok sey, “Iseeee!” and dem praise Baba-God. So di pipo do wetin dem promise to do.
  14. Evensef, for di twentieth year of King Artaxerxes, wen dem choose me as di govnor for di land of Judah, until hin thirty-second year—twelve years—me and my brodas no chop di food wey di govnor suppose chop.
  15. But di govnors wey bin dey before me put heavy load on dis pipo, and dem collect 40 silver coins from dem plus food and wine. Even dia official sef dey use gragra take oppress di pipo. But becos I dey fear Baba-God I no do like dat.
  16. Instead, I put-mind for di work for dis wall. All my men gada for there for di work, and we no buy any land.
  17. To add-join, 150 Jews and leaders dey chop for my table, even those pipo wey come meet us from di nations wey dey around.
  18. Dis na wetin dem dey arrange for me everi day; one malu, six fine sheep, plus plenty fawo; and everi ten days, we dey order different-different wine. But I know di heavy slave-work wey di pipo dey do, so I no collect di moni wey govnor suppose to dey collect.
  19. Remember me wit good, oh my God, becos of everitin wey I don do for dis pipo.


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