Nehemiah Chapter 6

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Plan Against Nehemiah

  1. E con happun sey, wen gist reach Sanballat, Tobiah, and Geshem di Arab, plus di rest of awa enemies—sey I don build di wall, and no hole remain for di wall—even though I neva fix di doors of di gate up till dat time—
  2. Sanballat and Geshem con send dis message to me, sey, “Come make we meet togeda for one of di villages for di open land of Ono.” But dem bin dey plan to wound me;
  3. So I send messengers to dem wit dis ansa: “I dey do one big work and I no fit come. Why di work go stop if I leave am come see you?
  4. Dem send me di same message four times, and I give dem di same ansa everi time.
  5. Den di fifth time, Sanballat send hin servant to me wit di same message, he carry letter wit no seal for hin hand.
  6. Wey dem write sey, “Dem dey tok among di nations—and Geshem tok sey na true—sey you and di Jews dey plan to rebel, so una dey build di wall. Evensef, based-on wetin dem dey tok, dem wan make you dia king,
  7. And you don even choose prophet wey go tok about you for Jerusalem sey, “King dey for Judah!’ Now dis gist go reach di king; so come make we reason togeda.”
  8. So I send am dis ansa: “All dis tins wey you dey yarn no dey happun, you just dey form am from your heart.”
  9. All of dem dey try to make fear catch us, con dey tink sey, “Dia hand no go strong reach for di work, and dem no go fit complete am.” But I pray, “Now oh Baba-God, ginger my hands wit pawa.”
  10. One day I go di house of Shemaiah wey be di grandson of Mehetabel, wey no fit komot from hin house. He tok sey, “Make we meet for inside Baba-God house. Make we close di doors of Baba-God house, becos dem dey come kill you—dem dey come kill you for night!”
  11. But I tok sey, “Abi man like me go con dey run komot? Abi pesin like me go go hide for Baba-God house to save my life? I no go go!”
  12. I con notice sey Baba-God no send am, but sey he prophesy against me, becos Tobaiah plus Sanballat don give am moni.
  13. Dem pay am to make me fear, so dat I go commit sin by doing dis tin, and naso dem go give me bad name—so dat dem go fit bring me down.
  14. Oh my God, remember Tobaiah plus Sanballat, becos of wetin dem don do; remember di prophetess sef Noadiah plus di rest of di prophets wey don dey try to put fear for my body.

Dem Complete Di Wall

15. So, we complete di wall on di twenty-fifth day of di month of Elul, and na fifty-two days we take complete am.

16. Wen all awa enemies hear about dis tin, wit all di nations wey dey around, dia hand con fall—for dia korokoro eyes, becos dem notice sey we don do di work wit Baba-God epp.

17. For those day sef, di leaders of Judah dey send plenty letters to Tobaiah—and Tobaiah sef bin dey write to dem.

18. Becos plenty pipo for Judah swear oath to am, since na Shecaniah son-in-law—wey be di son of Arah, and hin son Jehohanan marry di daughter of Meshullam wey be di son of Berekiah.

19. Evensef, dis top men kontinu to dey tell me about Tobiah good works, and dem yarn am everitin wey I tok. Naso Tobiah kontinu to dey send letters to threaten and make me fear.


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