Nehemiah Chapter 8

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Ezra Read Di Law

  1. Naso all di pipo gada togeda wit one mind, for di street wey dey near di Water Gate. Naso dem ask Ezra wey be writer (teacher), to carry di Book of di Law of Moses come—wey Baba-God give di pipo of Israel to obey.
  2. So on di first day of di seventh month, Ezra di priest carry di law come meet di pipo wey gada—both men plus women, plus all di pipo wey fit hear and understand.
  3. He read am loud from early mor-mor till afta-noon, as he face di street wey dey for near di Water Gate, for front of di men, women and oda pipo wey fit understand. And all di pipo listen well-well to di Book of di Law.
  4. Ezra wey be di write stand for one high stage wey dem build wit wood for di meeting. Mattithaiah, Shema, Anaiah, Uriah, Hilkiah, plus Maaseiah stand for hin right side, and Pedaiah, Mishael, Malchijah, Hashum, Has-baddanah, Zechariah, plus Meshullam stand for hin left side.
  5. Naso Ezra open di book. All di pipo fit see am becos he dey stand for place wey high pass dem; and as he dey open am, all di pipo stand up.
  6. Ezra praise Baba-God, di ogbonge God; and all di pipo carry dia hands go up, con ansa, “Iseee! Amen!” And dem worship Baba-God as dem bow down face ground.
  7. Jeshua, Bani, Sherebiah, Jamin, Akkub, Shabbethai, Hodiah, Maaseiah, Kelita, Azariah, Jozabad, Hanan, plus Pelaiah, plus di Levites—teach di pipo di law, as di pipo stand for where dem dey.
  8. Dem read from di Book of di Law of Baba-God, con explain am well-well, and dem show dem di meaning— sote di pipo fit understand wetin dem dey read.
  9. Naso Nehemiah wey be di govnor, Ezra di priest and writer, and di Levites wey dey teach di pipo, con tell all di pipo sey, “Today na holy day for Baba-God una Oga. Make una no feel sad, or cry”; becos all di pipo con dey cry wen dem hear di Books of di Law.
  10. Nehemiah con tell dem sey, “Make una go enjoy una best food, plus sweet drinks—con send share to some of those pipo wey no get shi-shi to arrange sometin for demsef. Dis na holy day to awa God. No feel sad, becos di happiness of Baba-God nahin be your pawa.”
  11. Di Levites calm all di pipo down, con tok sey, “Make una dey silent becos dis na holy day, and make una no feel sad.”
  12. Naso all di pipo con komot go chop and drink, and to give portions of food and to celebrate wit serious happiness, becos dem con understand di words wey dem read for dem.
  13. On di second day of di month, di heads of all di families, along wit di priests, plus di Levites—con gada round Ezra di writer—to understand di words of di Law.
  14. Dem con see sey dem write am for di law wey Baba-God give dem tru Moses—sey di pipo of Israel suppose live inside kpako-house [tents] for di festival of di seventh month.
  15. And sey make dem tok word, con spread di gist tru-out dia towns and inside Jerusalem sey: “Make una komot go di mountain, con carry branches of olive, and pine branches, and myrtles branches, plus palm branches, and branches of thick trees—to make small kpako-house wey dem go stay for only di time of di festival, just as dem write am for di book of di Law of Moses.
  16. So di pipo komot, con go carry branches come back, naso dem build small kpako-house [tents] for di roofs of dia houses, inside dia yard, for di yard of Baba-God house, for di street of di Water Gate, and di street of di Ephraim Gate.
  17. Naso all di pipo wey come back from foreign land con make small tents, and dem stay for there; for di time of di festival, and all of dem happy well-well! Di pipo of Israel bin neva celebrate like dis since di days of Joshua wey be di son of Nun.
  18. Evensef, day by day, from di first day reach di last day, Ezra read from di Books of di Law of Baba-God. Dem celebrate di Festival for seven days, and on di eighth day—based-on di law, dem gada togeda for holy meeting.


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