Nehemiah Chapter 9

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Di Pipo Confess Dia Sins

  1. On di twenty-fourth day of di same month, di pipo of Israel gada demsef togeda, dem fast, con wear sackclothes, and dem rub dust for dia head.
  2. Those pipo wey be di pikins of Israel separate demsef from all di foreigners. Dem stand, con dey confess dia sins plus di bad-bad-tins wey dia papa-papa-papa don do.
  3. Dem stand for where dem dey, con read di Books of di Law of Baba-God wey be dia God—for quarter of di day; and dem dey confess and dey worship Baba-God dia God, for anoda quarter of di day.
  4. Among di pipo wey stand for di steps na di Levites—Jeshua, Bani, Kadmiel, Shebaniah, Bunni, Sherebiah, Bani plus Kenani—wey shout wit loud voices to Baba-God dia Oga.
  5. And di Levites; Jeshua, Kadmiel, Bani, Hashabneiah, Sherebiah, Hodiah, Shebaniah plus Pethahiah—tok sey, “Make una stand up to praise Baba-God una Oga, forever and ever!” “Blessings for your name wey get levels, and make e get levels pass all blessings plus praise!
  6. Na only you be Baba-God. Na you make di heavens—even di highest heavens, plus all di stars and light wey dey shine around dem, di earth plus everitin wey dey for inside am, di big-rivers plus everitin wey dey for inside am. Na you dey give life to everitin, and all di whole heaven dey worship you.
  7. “Na you be Baba-God di Oga—wey choose Abram, con carry am komot from Ur of di Chaldeans, and you give am di name ‘Abraham’.
  8. You see sey hin heart dey faithful to you, so you make agreement wit am, to give hin pikin-pikin-pikin di land of di Canaanites, Hitties, Amorites, Perizzites, Jebusites, plus Girgashites. You don keep your promise becos you get pure-heart.
  9. Naso you see di suffer-head of awa papa-papa-papa for inside Egypt; you hear dia cry near di Red Sea.
  10. You send miracle signs plus wonders against Pharaoh, against all hin rulers, plus all di pipo of hin land, becos you know how di Egyptians dey feel-big wen dem dey deal wit di pipo of Israel. Naso you make beta name for yoursef, wey stand till today.
  11.  You divide di Red Sea for dia front, sote dem con pass tru di water for dry land! And you throway dia enemies inside deep-deep water. Dem sink like stones under di big-big water.
  12. You lead dem wit pillar of cloud for day, and you lead dem wit pillar of faya for night—to give dem light, and to show dem di road wey dem go follow.
  13. “You come down on Mountain Sinai; you follow dem tok from heaven. You give dem your words and your laws wey dey fair and right, and beta laws plus commandments.
  14. You show dem your holy Sabbath, con give dem commands, strong-words, plus laws—tru your servant Moses.
  15. As dem dey hungry—you give dem food from heaven, and as water hungry dem—you give dem water from rock; and you promise dem sey make dem enta di land—con claim di land wey you swear to give dem.
  16. But dem plus awa papa-papa-papa—con dey do anyhow, and dem get coconut-head, so dem no gree obey your words.
  17. Dem no gree listen, and dem no gree remember di miracles wey you do among dem. Naso dem con get coconut-head, and as dem turn against you, dem choose leader wey go carry dem go back to dia slave life. But you be God wey dey forgive pesin, you get grace, and you dey sorry-for pipo, you no dey quick vex, and your soft-love brekete well-well. So you no fashi dem.
  18. Even wen dem build image of malu-pikin, con tok sey, ‘Dis na una God wey carry una komot from Egypt,’ and wen dem downgrade Baba-God in a serious way;
  19. But becos you dey show love well-well, you no fashi dem inside desert. Di pillar of cloud no stop to guide dem for dia road—for day time; and di pillar of faya no stop to shine for di road wey dem follow for night.
  20. You give your good Spirit to teach dem. You no keep your manna from dia mouths, and you give dem water wen water dey hungry dem.
  21. You survive dem for forty years inside desert; dem no need anytin, dia clothes no spoil and dia leg no swell up.
  22. Evensef, you give kingdoms plus nations to awa ancestors, and you put your pipo for everi corner of di land. Dem take-over di land of Sihon, and di land of di king of Heshbon, plus di land of king Og of Bashan.
  23. You make dia pikin plenty like stars for sky, and you carry dem enta di land wey you promise dia ancestors sey make dem enta—con claim am.
  24. Dia sons enta, con claim di land. Even di pipo of Caanan wey bin dey live for di land con dey under dem! And you put di pipo for dia hands, along wit dia kings; so dat dem go deal wit di nations as dem like.
  25. Dem overthrow cities wey get wall and wey strong, and dem claim beta land—dem claim di houses wey full wit all kain beta-beta-tins, wells of water wey pipo don already dig—grape-farms, olive farms, plus plenty-plenty fruit trees. Naso dem chop belleful, and dem con turn to ororbor (fat), and dem chop-life inside your goodness wey brekete.
  26. “But dem con dey disobey, and dem turn komot from you; dem put your laws for dia back. Dem kill your prophets wey dey correct dem sey make dem come back to you; and dem downgrade Baba-God seriously.
  27. So you give dem to dia enemies wey oppress dem. But wen dia enemies oppress dem—dem cry out to you. Naso you hear dem from heaven, and as you dey show love well-well—you give dem pipo wey save dem—wey save dem from di hands of dia enemies.
  28. “But as dem just get small rest—dem con start to dey do bad-bad-tins again for your eyes. Naso you fashi dem for di hands of dia enemies—sote dia enemies con dey rule dem. And wen dem cry to you again, you hear dem from heaven, and as you dey sorry-for pesin reach, you save dem plenty times.
  29. You warn dem sey make dem come back to your law, but dem con dey feel-big, and dem no gree obey wetin you yarn dem. Dem sin against your laws (wey if man keep, he go live by dem). Dem use stubborness take turn dia back for you, and dem no gree hear-word becos dia strong neck no fit turn.
  30. You dey patient wit dem for many years, you correct dem—tru your Spirit and your prophets. But dem no gree listen, so you put dem for di hand of di nations wey dey around dem.
  31. But as you take dey sorry-for pesin reach, you no end dem kpatakpata or fashi dem—becos you be God wey get grace and you dey sorry-for pesin.
  32. “So now, oh awa God, di ogbonge, di big and elele God—wey dey keep hin agreement of love, make you no let all dis suffer-head be like small tin for your eyes—di suffer-head wey don land for awa head, for di heads of awa kings, for di heads of awa princes, for di heads of awa priests plus prophets, and for di heads of awa papa plus all di pipo—from di days of di kings of Assyria till today.
  33. Inside everitin wey don happun to us—you dey fair; you do tins wit goodness, even as we dey do wrong tins.
  34. Awa kings, awa leaders, awa priests, and awa papa no gree follow your law; dem no gree listen to your commandments or warning wey you give dem.
  35. Even wen dem dey inside dia kingdom, wen dem dey flex your ogbonge beta-beta-tins wey you give dem, and di big beta land wey you don give dem—dem no gree serve you, or komot hand from di bad-bad-tins wey dem dey do.
  36. “But see, we don turn to slaves inside di land wey you give awa papa-papa-papa so dat dem go fit chop e fruit, plus di oda beta tins wey di land dey produce. See, we don be servants today.
  37. Becos of di bad-bad-tins wey we don do—all di beta-beta-tins wey di land dey produce dey go meet di king wey you put to rule us. Dem dey control even awa body plus awa malu as dem like. We dey inside big wahala.”

Di Agreement of Di Pipo

38. Naso di pipo ansa, “Inside all dis tins, we dey make serious agreement and we go write am down. Di names of awa leaders, Levites plus priests dey for inside dis document wey dem seal.


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