Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 2

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Di One Wey Dem Anoint

  1. Why di nations dey vex, and di pipo dey
    waste dia time—dey plan?
  2. Di kings of dis earth don set demsef, and di
    govment don plan togeda—to change-am-for
    Baba-God and against di Pesin wey he anoint.
  3. Dem tok sey, “Make we cut dia chains,
    con free awasef from dem.”
  4. Baba-God wey sidon for hin king-chair
    for heaven con laff. He yab dem.
  5. Baba-God con change-am-for dem as he
    dey para, and he make dia mind-cut as he dey
    vex. He con tok sey,
  6. “I don put my own King for Zion, on top
    my holy hill.”
  7. I go tok about Baba-God promise,
    “Baba-God tell me sey, ‘You be my pikin,
    today I go be your Papa!
  8. Ask me, and I go turn di nations to your
    kingdom, and I go even give you di ends of di
    earth as your property.
  9. You go break dem wit iron staff. You go
    nack dem to pieces like clay pot.’ ”
  10. So kings, make una get-sense; I dey warn
    una wey be rulers of dis earth.
  11. Serve Baba-God wit fear, and celebrate
    wit shaking.
  12. Kiss di Son unless he go vex, and you go
    kpeme for your way. He fit vex for you now-now-now. But blessings for di pipo wey dey
    trust am.


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