Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 10

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Dis Na Prayer For Justice

  1. Why you dey stand far-far Baba-God?
    Why you dey throway-face wen kasala burst.
  2. Wicked men dey feel-big as dem dey show poor pipo pepper. Make dem fall inside dia own evil plan.
  1. He dey make-mouth wit di bad tins wey
    dey for hin mind; he dey bless pipo wey get
    longatrot, and he fashi Baba-God.
  2. Wicked pipo dey feel-big for dia
    face—to fyne Baba-God; for hin
    mind—Baba-God no dey.
  3. He always dey succeed for hin ways, and
    your judgement too high for am to see; as for
    all hin enemies, he dey laff dem.
  4. He dey tok for inside hin heart sey, ‘No-shaking for me; I no go ever face wahala.’
  5. Curses, wayo, plus mago-mago nahin
    burku for hin mouth; palava plus sin dey
    under hin tongue.
  6. He dey wait codedly for inside di
    villages; naso he waylay innocent
    pesin—con kill am for secret place. He dey
    watch poor pipo codedly wit bad-eyes.
  7. He dey wait like lion wey dey hide esef
    for hin zanga; he dey wait to catch poor pipo.
    He dey catch poor pipo con draw dem enta
    hin net.
  8. He nack di pipo wey he catch, dem fall
    for ground; dem fall under hin pawa.
  9. He tell hinsef sey, “Baba-God don
    forget, he don cover hin face, and he no dey
    see again.”
  10. Arise, Baba-God! Raise up your hand,
    Oh Baba-God. No forget humble pipo.
  11. Why evil man dey fashi Baba-God? For
    inside hin heart, he dey tell hinsef sey,
    “Baba-God no go ask us anytin!”
  12. But you, oh Baba-God, you don see,
    and you don observe di wahala plus
    palava—and you go put am for your hand.
    Di pipo wey no get epper dey put dia life for your hand; na you dey epp pipo wey no get
  13. Break wicked man and evil man hand;
    ask am about all di bad tins wey he don do,
    until you no see any one again.
  14. Baba-God na King forever and ever; di
    nations don scata komot from hin land.
  15. Oh Baba-God, you don hear wetin dey
    for humble pipo mind, you go give dia heart
    pawa, and you go open your ear to hear,
  16. to do justice to pipo wey no get papa,
    and pipo wey dem dey oppress—so dat di
    men of dis earth no go dey oppress pipo


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