Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 7

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Dis Na Prayer For Justice
1 .
Dis na meditation of David—wey he sing for Baba-God about di word of Cush—wey be Benjamite. Oh Baba-God my Oga, na you I dey trust; save me from those pipo wey dey show me pepper, and free me,

  1. or dem go tear my body like lion, con cut
    my body to pieces—wit no-pesin to save me.
  2. Oh Baba-God my Oga, if I don do dis; if
    my hand no clean—
  3. if I don pay pesin wit evil—pesin wey no
    dey fight me, or I obtain my enemy for no
  4. make my enemy pursue me, con
    overtake me; eehn…make dem march my life for ground—con put my levels for dust.
  5. Stand up, oh God-Baba—as you dey
    vex; carry yoursef go up—becos of my
    enemies wey dey para. Rise up for me to do
    your justice.
  6. So di pipo of di nations go gada round
    you; carry yoursef high becos of dem,
  7. Baba-God go judge di pipo. Oh Baba￾God, judge me based-on my clean-heart and
    beta character wey dey inside me.
  8. Chai, make di evil of badbelle pipo
    end—but make pipo wey get clean-heart
    stand gidigbam, Baba-God wey good dey
    test di heart plus mind.
  9. Na Baba-God dey guard me—nahin dey
    save pipo wey get clean-heart.
  10. Baba-God na correct judge, na God wey
    dey vex for badbelle pipo everi day.
  11. If he no turn back, he go sharp hin sword, he don set hin bow ready.
  1. He don arrange hin killer weapons; he
    don set hin arrow wey get faya.
  2. Chai, badbelle pesin dey show evil tins;
    yes..he get wahala like woman wey get belle,
    and he go born lies.
  3. Pesin wey dig pit for odas—go fall inside
    di pit wey he dig.
  4. Di wahala wey he start—go-go back to
    hin own head; he go use hin own head carry
    di fight-fight.
  5. I go tank Baba-God becos he dey good,
    con sing praises to di name of Jah Most High.


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