Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 9

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Tanks-giving For Baba-God Justice

  1. To di music Producer. To di tune of “Di
    death of di Son.” Dis na Psalm of David. Oh
    Baba-God, I go salute you wit my whole
    heart; I go tok about all your ogbonge works.
  2. I go dey happy, con dey celebrate inside
    you; I go sing praises to your name—Oh
    Most High.
  3. My enemies turn back; dem go fall—con kpeme for your front.
  4. Na you epp me fight for my right and my business; you don sidon for your king-chair, and you dey judge in di right way.
  5. You don change-am-for di nations, con scata wicked pipo; you don komot dia name throway for ever and ever.
  6. Scata-scata wey no dey finish don catch di enemy; you don scata cities and no-pesin go remember dem again.
  7. But Baba-God dey-on-board forever; he don arrange hin king-chair for judgement.
  8. He go judge di world wit hin church-mind; he go judge di nations wit justice.
  9. Na Baba-God dey protect pipo wey dem dey oppress, na inside Baba-God pipo dey hide dia head put—wen yawa gas.
  10. Those pipo wey know your name go trust you, Oh Baba-God, becos you no dey ever fashi pipo wey dey fyne you.
  11. Sing praises to Baba-God—wey dey stay for Zion; tell di nations about hin handwork.
  12. Baba-God wey dey revenge against killers—dey remember dem; Baba-God no dey forget di cry of poor pipo.
  13. Chai Baba-God, sorry-for me, reason di wahala wey I dey face from pipo wey hate me, you wey carry me komot from di teeth of death,
  14. so dat I go fit tok about your praise—for front of di gates of Zion, and I go happy sey you save me.
  15. Di nations don fall inside di hole wey dem dig; di net wey dem set—don hook dia own leg.
  16. Everi-pesin know Baba-God—for hin justice; wicked pipo handwork dey put dem for trap.
  17. Wicked pipo dey go straight to grave—plus all di nations wey fashi Baba-God.
  18. But Baba-God no go always fashi pipo wey need epp; poor pipo no go lose hope forever.
  19. Stand up, Oh Baba-God, no let ordinary man win you; judge di nations for your front.
  20. Make fear catch dem, Oh Baba-God! Make di nations know sey dem be ordinary men


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