Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 16

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Dis Na Prayer Of Full-mind

  1. Dis na prayer of David. Keep me safe, oh Baba-God, na you I dey trust.
  2. My soul follow Baba-God tok sey, ‘Na
    you be my Oga; I no get any oda good tin apart from you.’
  3. As for di holy-pipo wey dey di land, dem be di pipo wey get levels—wey I dey happy for.
  4. Plenty bad tins go happun to di pipo wey dey follow oda gods. I no go give dia drink offering of blood, or call dia name wit my lips.
  5. Chai Baba-God, na you be di portion
    wey belong to me, and my cup. Na you dey maintain everitin about me.
  6. My land dey for beta area; eehn.. I get
    beta properties wey you give me.
  7. I go bless Baba-God wey don teach me; my heart sef dey give me inspiration for night.
  8. I dey always put Baba-God for my front. No-shaking becos he dey for my right hand.
  9. So my heart dey happy, and my soul dey sing; my body sef go rest wit safety,
  10. becos you no go fashi my soul for grave, or allow your Holy One to rotten.
  11. You go show me di way of life;
    happiness wey brekete nahin dey for your front, jolly-jolly nahin dey for your right hand forever.


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