Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 17

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Di Prayer Of Innocent Man

  1. Dis na prayer of David. Oh Baba-God,
    hear my cry for justice, listen to my cry. Hear my prayers—my prayers no be from wuru-wuru lips
  2. From your front nahin you go take confam sey I dey right; make your eyes see wetin dey right.
  3. You don test my heart, you don observe me for night, you don try me—and you no see anytin. I don decide sey my mouth no go commit sin.
  4. As for di works of men, by di yarnings of your lips, I don keep myself from following di way of evil pipo.
  5. Hold my leg for your way, so dat my leg no go dror-fall.
  6. I don call you, oh Baba-God, and you go hear me; turn your ear face me—con hear my prayer.
  7. Show me your ogbonge soft- love wit your right hand, oh—you dey save those pipo wey trust you from dia enemies wey dey change-am-for dem.
  8. Protect me as you go take protect di apple of your eyes; hide me under di shadow of your feathers, from di wicked pipo wey dey oppress
  9. me, from my bad-bad enemies wey surround me.
  10. Dem don lock dia heart wey no-send any-pesin, and dem dey make-mouth.
  11. Dem don track me down—con round me, dem dey watch me—to fyne chance throway me for ground.
  12. Dem be like hungry lion wey dey fyne animal to chop, and like young lion wey dey hide for coded corner.
  13. Rise up, Oh Baba-God, face dem, fall dia hand; use your sword save my life from wicked pipo.
  14. Oh Baba-God, use your hand take save me from men of di world—wey dia portion only dey for dis life. You go make di pipo wey you love chop belleful, dia pikin go get yanfu-yanfu, and dem go keep plenty beta-beta-tins for dia pikin.
  15. As for me—wit clean-heart, I go see your face; wen I wake up—I go belleful wen I see you as you be.


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