Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 19

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Di Tins Wey Baba-God Make

  1. For di producer of music. Dis na Psalm of David. Di heavens dey tok about Baba-God levels; and di heaven dey show hin fine works wey hin hand make.
  2. Day by day—dem dey tok; and night afta night—dem dey show us tins wey we no know before.
  3. Dem dey tok wit-out sound or word, no-pesin fit hear dia voice.
  4. Dia message don spread round di earth, and dia yarnings dey reach di end of di world. Baba-God don make tent for di sun—for heaven.
  5. E be like man wey wan marry—as he dey waka come out from hin yard, like champion wey dey happy as he dey run tins.
  6. Di sun dey rise from one side on di
    heaven—con move round, to di oda side; and notin fit hide from e heat.
  7. Baba-God law dey perfect; e dey ginger di soul. Baba-God word na sure-banker, e dey make ordinary pipo get-sense.
  8. Baba-God laws dey right, e dey make my heart sweet me; Baba-God commandment dey pure, na light wey dey open pipo eyes.
  9. Di fear of Baba-God dey pure, e dey
    last forever. Baba-God judgement na
    truth and goodness.
  10. Dem beta pass gold, dem beta pass gold wey pure well-well; dem sweet pass honey sef, plus di honeycomb.
  1. Na Baba-God word—dey warn hin
    servant; beta blessings dey for pesin wey keep dem.
  2. Who fit understand hin own mistake?
    Clean me from my coded error.
  3. Carry korokoro sins komot from your
    servant heart; make dem no dey control me, so dat I go get clean-hand, and free from serious sin.
  4. Make di yarnings from my mouth, and di meditation of my heart—sweet you for eyes, oh Baba-God, my pawa and Saviour.


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