Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 22

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Suffer-head Plus Praise

  1. To di music producer. Set am to “Di Deer of di Morning.” Dis na Psalm of David. Baba-God, Baba-God, why you con fashi me like dis? Why you dey far-far to save me, you far well-well from my cry?
  2. Chai my God, I cry to you for day time,
    but you no ansa me, and I no rest for night.
  3. But you sidon for king-chair as di Holy
    One; na you Israel dey praise.
  4. Awa papa-papa-papa put dia trust on
    you; dem trust you, and you save dem.
  5. Dem cry to you, and you save dem; dem trust you and you no let shame catch dem.
  6. But I be worm, and I no be man, pipo dey laff me, and pipo hate me.
  7. All di pipo wey see me—dey yab me;
    dem dey sama insult on me, dem dey shake dia head—con tok sey,
  8. “He trust Baba-God; make Oluwa save
    am. Make Abasi save am, since Chineke like am well- well.”
  9. But na you komot me from inside my
    mama belle; you make me trust you—even wen I still dey suck my mama breast.
  10. Since wen dem born me nahin I dey for your hand; from inside my mama belle—nahin you don be my God.
  1. No dey far from me, yawa wan gas and I no get pesin wey go epp me.
  2. Plenty malu surround me; strong malu of Bashan don round me.
  3. Dem dey look me wit surprise as dia
    mouth open down, like lion wey dey
    vex—dey halla.
  4. My life don pour come out like water,
    and all my bones don komot from my joints. My heart be like candle-water—wey don melt inside me.
  5. My energy don dry like clay, and my
    tongue don gum my jaw; you don make me lie down for dust of death.
  6. Dogs don gada round me; gang of
    badbelle pipo don gada round me, dem don shuuk my hand and leg.
  7. I fit count all my bones; pipo dey look
    me—all eyes on me.
  8. Dem divide my cloths among demsef,
    con roll dice—to share my cloth.
  9. But you, oh Baba-God, no dey far from
    me: Chai my Strength, sharp-sharp come epp me.
  10. Save my life from sword, save my
    precious life—from di pawa of dogs.
  11. Save me from di mouth of di lions; and from di horns of di malu for bush.
  12. I go tell my brodas about your name; I go praise you for where your pipo gada.
  13. Praise Baba-God, you wey dey fear am! All Jacob pikin-pikin- pikin, make una honour am! Fear am, all pikin-pikin-pikin of Israel!
  14. He no fashi or hate pesin wey dey suffer; or hide hin face from am, but Baba-God don hear hin cry for epp.
  15. I go praise you—for where plenty of
    your pikin gada; I go pay my promise to you—for front of your pipo wey dey worship you.
  16. Poor man go chop belleful; pipo wey dey fyne Baba-God go praise am—make your heart live forever!
  17. Everi-pesin wey dey di world go
    remember, con follow Baba-God way, and all di families of di nations go bow down for Baba-God front.
  18. Na Baba-God get di kingdom, and nahin dey rule all di nations.
  19. All di rich pipo for di earth go jolly—con worship Baba-God, and everi human being wey dey go down to dust go kneel down for Baba-God—even those pipo wey no-fit keep demsef alive.
  1. Awa pikin-pikin-pikin go serve Baba-God; dem go tell future generations about Baba-God.
  2. Dem go tok about hin goodness to even di pikin wey dem neva born—sey Baba-God don do dis tins.


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