Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 27

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Dis Na Prayer Of Praise

  1. Dis na Psalm of David. Na Baba-God be my light and nahin dey save me, who I go con dey fear? Na Baba-God be di pawa of my
    life—who go con dey make me fear?
  2. Wen evil men and my enemies carry
    wahala come—to chop my flesh, wen my enemies and badbelle pipo attack me, dem fall yakata for ground.
  3. Even though plenty soja gada round me, my mind no go cut; even if dem start war against me, na dat time I go get full-mind.
  1. Na one tin wey I dey ask from you
    Oluwa, dis na wetin I dey fyne: sey make I dey inside Baba-God house all di days of my
    life, make I fit see as Baba-God beautiful reach, and to fyne am inside hin worship-place.
  2. He go keep me safe inside hin house wen di day of wahala show; he go hide me inside di coded place of hin worship-place—con carry me high on top of rock.
  3. Naso he go carry my head high—pass di enemies wey surround me; so I go give am sacrifice of happiness for inside hin house; I go sing…eehn…I go sing praises to Baba-God.
  4. Hear my voice wen I call you, Oh Baba-God; sorry-for me sef—con ansa me.
  5. Wen you tok sey, “Look my face!” My
    heart tok sey, “Na your face I dey look Oh Chineke.”
  6. No hide your face from me, no pursue
    your servant komot as you dey vex; e don tey wey you don dey epp me. No leave me or fashi me, Oh Baba-God wey dey save me!
  7. Even wen my mama and papa fashi me, na den Baba-God go take care of me.
  8. Oh Baba-God, teach me your ways;
    carry me pass your smooth road—becos of my enemies.
  9. No let me fall for my enemy wish. Pipo wey dey lie for my head don stand up to change-am-for me, di air wey dem dey breath na fight-fight.
  10. I for don lose heart if to sey I no believe sey I go see Baba-God goodness for di land of di living.
  11. Wait for Baba-God; get full- mind, and
    he go give your heart pawa, I sey—wait on Baba-God.


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