2nd Samuel,  Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 31

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To Follow Baba-God Way

  1. To di music Producer. Dis na Psalm of
    David. Oh Baba-God, na you I dey trust; no let shame ever catch me; save me inside your goodness.
  2. Hear my word, save me sharp- sharp;
    make you be di rock wey I dey hide my head put, and strong- house to save me.
  3. Na you be my rock, and my strong-house, becos of your name—lead me and guide me.
  4. Drag me komot from di net wey badbelle pipo set for me codedly, becos na you be my strength.
  5. I commit my spirit to your hand; you don save me, Oh Baba-God, di God of truth.
  6. I no like pipo wey still dey worship useless idols; but I trust in you Baba-God.
  1. I go happy con dey jolly becos you sorry-for me, becos you don reason my suffer-head, and you don see di palava wey my soul dey face.
  2. You no let di enemy catch me, but you
    make me dey for place wey get wide space.
  3. Chai Baba-God, sorry-for me, I dey
    inside yawa; my eyes dey pain me becos of cry-cry, my soul and my body dey inside wahala.
  4. Suffer-head wan finish my life and I dey spend all my year dey cry; I no get pawa again becos of my sin, and my bone dey waste dey go.
  5. I be disgrace among all my enemies, but especially among my neighbours, and my padi no like to see me—pipo dey run from me for street.
  6. Dem don forget me from dia mind
    kpatakpata like sey I don kpeme; I con be like pot wey don break.
  7. I dey hear di aproko of plenty pipo about me; fear dey for everi side of me; dem dey gada togeda for my mata con dey plan to kill me.
  8. But as for me, I go dey trust you, Oh
    Baba-God; I go tok sey, “Na you be my
  9. My days dey for your hand; save me
    from my enemies, and from those pipo wey dey show me pepper.
  10. Make your face shine upon your servant; save me becos you dey sorry-for pesin.
  11. No let shame ever catch me, Oh Baba-God, I don cry out to you; make shame catch badbelle pipo, and make dem lie down silent for grave.
  12. Silence dia lips wey dem take dey tok
    lie—wey dem dey use dey make-mouth wit bad-mouth plus bad-belle against pipo wit clean-heart.
  13. See as your goodness yakata, wey you don keep for those pipo wey dey fear you—wey you don prepare for those pipo wey trust you—for front of pipo.
  14. You go hide dem inside di coded place for your side—from di bad-bad-tin wey men dey plan; you go keep dem safe from di pipo wey dey bad-mouth dem.
  15. Praise be unto Baba-God, he don show hin ogbonge kindness to me wen I dey for city wey enemies don surround.
  16. As fear catch me, I con tok sey “I don cut komot from your face!” Upon dat, you still sorry-for me wen I ask you for epp.
  17. Love Baba-God, all una wey be hin holy-pipo! Na Baba-God dey protect faithful pipo, but he go fully judge pipo wey dey make-mouth.
  18. Make una get beta full-mind, and Baba-God go make your heart strong
    kakaraka—all of una wey dey hope on Baba-God.


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