Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 32

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Confession Plus Forgiveness

  1. Blessings for di man wey Baba-God don already forgive hin sin, wey hin sin dey covered.
  2. Blessings for di man wey Baba-God no dey count hin sin against am, and wey hin spirit no get wayo.
  3. Wen I keep silent, my bones con dey old becos of my cry from morning till night.
  4. For day and for night, your hand heavy
    for my body; my energy don dry like wen water don dry for hot- season.
  5. I confess my sin to you, and I no hide di bad tins wey I dey do from you. I con tok sey, “I go confess my sins to Baba-God”—and you forgive my mind wey dey pinch me sey I don commit sin.
  6. So make everi pesin wey dey fear
    you—pray to you for time wen dem fit fyne you—for time wen dem go fit see you. Surely dem no go fit reach where you dey, wen plenty-water show-face.
  7. Na your body I dey hide my head put; na you go protect me from wahala, and surround me wit songs of freedom.
  8. I go tell you, con teach you di way wey
    you go follow; and I go guide you wit my eyes.
  9. Make you no be like horse or donkey,
    wey no sabi understand anytin, wey dem must control wit rope, or you no go fit handle dem.
  10. Badbelle pipo get plenty wahala, but
    Baba-God mercy dey surround pipo wey trust am.
  11. Make all di holy-pipo celebrate for
    Baba-God, and make you dey happy; and all those pipo wey get clean-heart, make una shout wit happiness!


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