Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 34

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To Praise Baba-God For Freedom

  1. I go bless Baba-God name everi time;
    my lips go always praise am.
  2. My soul go make-mouth wit Baba-God; make pipo wey dey low-key hear about am, con dey happy.
  3. Follow me give Baba-God levels, make we carry hin name go up togeda.
  4. I fyne Baba-God, and he ansa me; he free me from all my fears.
  5. Dem look hin face and dem con dey
    shine; and shame no cover dia face.
  6. Dis poor man call and Baba-God ansa
    am; con save am from all hin wahala.
  7. Baba-God angel dey gada round those
    pipo wey dey fear am, and he dey save dem.
  8. Make you taste, con see sey Baba-God dey good; blessings for di man wey trust Baba-God.
  9. Make all Baba-God holy-pipo fear am,
    those pipo wey dey fear Baba-God no dey lack anytin.
  10. Young lions dey taya, and hungry fit
    catch dem, but those pipo wey dey fyne Baba-God go get everi beta tin wey dem want.
  11. Come, my pikin, listen to me; I go teach you how to fear Baba-God.
  12. Who be di man wey love life and wey
    wish to see plenty beta days?
  13. No use your tongue tok evil, and make
    your lips no dey tok lies.
  14. Komot hand from evil and make you do good; fyne peace and look for am.
  15. Baba-God eyes dey watch good pipo and hin ears dey hear wen dem cry;
  16. Baba-God face dey against those pipo
    wey dey do bad-bad-tin, to cut dia memory komot from dis world.
  17. Good [righteous] pipo dey cry out and
    Baba-God dey hear dem; and he dey save dem from all dia palava.
  18. Baba-God dey near pipo wey dia heart
    don break, and he dey save those pipo wey feel sorry-for wetin dem don do.
  19. Good man get plenty palava, but na
    Baba-God dey save am from all of dem;
  20. he go protect all hin bones, and no single one of hin bone go ever break.
  21. Evil nahin go kill wicked pipo; Baba-God go punish those pipo wey hate man wey get clean- heart.
  22. Baba-God dey save hin servant soul; and he no go condemn any- pesin wey dey trust am.


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