Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 35

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Dis Na Prayer For Escape

  1. Oh Baba-God, fight those pipo wey dey fight me; kwanta wit those pipo wey dey kwanta wit me.
  2. Carry your weapons of protection; rise up make you come epp me.
  3. Carry your long-sharp-weapon to stop di pipo wey dey pursue me. Tell my soul sey, “Na me be your salvation.”
  4. Make shame plus disgrace catch those pipo wey dey fyne my life; make di pipo wey dey plan to wound me—turn back, con confuse.
  5. Make dem be like chaff wey breeze dey blow, and make Baba-God angel drive dem komot;
  6. make darkness cover dia way, and make dem dror-fall, as Baba-God angel dey pursue dem.
  7. For no reason dem set dia net for me for inside pit, wey dem dig for my life—for no reason.
  8. Before he know, make scata- scata jam am, and make di net wey he set—catch am, make he fall inside di trap wey he dig.
  9. Naso my soul go happy inside Baba-God, con celebrate becos he save me.
  10. All my bones go tok sey, “Who be like
    you, oh Baba-God? You don save poor man from those pipo wey too get pawa pass am,
    eehn… don save poor pipo and pipo wey need epp—from those pipo wey dey rob dem.”
  11. Wicked pipo dey stand up as witness
    against me, dem dey ask me question wey I no know anytin about.
  12. Dem use evil take pay back di good tins wey I do for dem, and dem make my soul no happy at all.
  13. But di time wey dem no-well, I wear
    sackcloth, I con cool down fast, wen my prayers no gree ansa,
  14. I dey waka upandan like sey na my padi or broda. I bow my head wit pain, as if I dey cry for my mama.
  15. But wen I enta wahala, dem gada—dey happy; pipo wey dey attack me gada against me wen I no even know. Dem dey do tatafo for my mata everi time;
  16. like mumu pipo wey dey yab and flex
    wit-out di fear of Baba-God, naso dem bite dia teeth wit hatred for me.
  1. Oh Baba-God, how long you go dey look dey go? Save my life from dia yawa, save my precious life from di lions.
  2. I go give you tanks for where your plenty pikin gada put; I go praise you for where pipo plenty well-well.
  3. No let those pipo wey hate me for no
    reason laff me; no let pipo wey hate me for no reason look me wit bad-eyes.
  4. Dem no get peace for dia mouth, but dem dey plan wayo mata against pipo wey dey live quiet life for di land.
  5. Dem still open dia mouth dey bad-mouth me, con tok sey, “Aha! Aha! We don see am wit awa own eyes.”
  6. Oh Oluwa, you don see all dis tins; so
    make you no dey quiet. Make you no dey far from me—chai Abasi.
  7. Shake yoursef, wake up to defend me!
    Fight for me Baba-God my Oga.
  8. Use your church-mind prove sey I dey
    right, oh Baba-God my Oga; no let dem laff me.
  9. No let dem tink sey, “Aha, na wetin we
    want be dis!” or tok sey, “We don swallow am.”
  10. Make shame and katakata catch all those pipo wey dey laff my palava; make all those pipo wey dey carry-shoulder-up for my side wear shame and disgrace.
  11. Make those pipo wey happy sey Baba-God don prove me r ight— shout wit joy and happiness; make dem always tok sey, “Make Baba-God get levels—wey dey love to see sey hin servants dey prosper.”
  12. My tongue go tok about your goodness, and my tongue go cut-cap for you—from morning till night.


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