Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 37

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Oluwa Dey Take Care Of Hin

  1. No let your mind dey cut becos of evil
    men, or jealous those pipo wey dey do wrong
  2. dem go soon cut komot like grass, dem go soon dry like green plants.
  3. Trust Baba-God and make you do good; stay for di land and chop from hin faithfulness.
  4. Make body sweet you for Baba-God
    mata, and he go give you wetin your heart dey wish for.
  5. Commit your way to Baba-God, trust am and he go make am happun:
  6. He go make your goodness shine like
    morning sun, and your justice go shine like afternoon sun.
  7. Rest inside Baba-God, and make you
    wait for am wit patience; No let your mind-cut wen men dey succeed for dia
    ways—becos of di man wey dey make evil tins happun.
  8. No dey vex anyhow, and no dey para; no dey fear—e go only lead to evil.
  9. Evil men go cut komot, but those pipo
    wey put dia hope for Baba-God go inherit di land.
  10. E no go tey, and evil pipo no go dey again; true-true, you go fyne hin place, but you no go see am again.
  11. But jeje pipo go inherit di earth, and dem go chop-life inside peace wey brekete.
  12. Wicked pipo dey plan bad tins against pipo wey get clean-heart, con dey bite dia teeth wit pain for dem;
  13. but Baba-God dey laff wicked pipo, he know sey dia day dey come.
  14. Wicked pipo dey raise dia sword, and dey bend dia bow, to bring poor pipo down, and to fall di hand of pipo wey need epp, to kill pipo wey get clean-hand.
  15. But dia sword go shuuk dia own heart, and dia bow go break.
  16. Di small tin wey good man get—beta pass di wealth of plenty wicked pipo;
  17. becos Baba-God go scata wicked man pawa, but Baba-God dey keep good pipo.
  18. Baba-God know di days of good pipo, and he go make dia inheritance last forever.
  19. Shame no go catch dem wen yawa gas, dem go chop belleful wen hunger full town.
  20. But wicked pipo go kpeme: Baba-God enemies go be like di beauty of grass, dem go vanish—vanish like smoke.
  21. Wicked pipo dey borrow moni and dem no gree pay back, but good man dey sorry-for pesin and he dey give,
  22. those pipo wey Baba-God bless go inherit di land, but those pipo wey he curse go cut komot.
  23. Na Baba-God dey direct good man waka, and Baba-God like hin way.
  24. Even though he fall, he no go fall reach ground, becos Baba-God go hollam wit hin hand.
  25. I bin dey young, but now I don old, and I neva see good man wey Baba-God fashi, or dia pikin dey beg for food to chop.
  26. He dey always dey sorry-for pipo, he dey borrow pipo: and hin pikin-pikin-pikin get blessings.
  27. Komot your hand from evil and make you do beta tin, den you go stay for di land forever.
  28. Baba-God love justice, and he no go fashi hin holy-pipo. He dey protect dem forever, but wicked pipo pikin-pikin-pikin go cut komot;
  29. good pipo nahin go inherit di land, and dem go stay for di land forever.
  30. Na wisdom dey komot from good man mouth, and hin tongue dey tok about justice.
  31. Baba-God law dey for hin heart; and hin steps no go dror-fall.
  32. Wicked men dey watch good men, dem dey wait to kill am;
  33. but Baba-God no go leave am for wicked man hand, or condemn am wen dem judge am.
  34. Wait for Baba-God, con follow hin way. He go make your level high so dat you go inherit di land; wen badbelle pipo don cut komot—you go see am.
  35. I don see wicked pipo wey get pawa well-well—wey dey grow like native green tree,
  36. but he fade komot, and before you know he no dey again, true- true I fyne am taya—but I no see am again.
  37. Mark pipo wey no get error, observe good pipo; di future of dat pesin na peace.
  38. But all sinners go kpeme togeda, and di future of wicked pipo go cut komot.
  39. Na Baba-God dey save good pipo. Na Baba-God be dia pawa wen palava dey.
  40. Baba-God go epp dem, con save dem; he go free dem from wicked pipo, and save dem—becos dem trust am.


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