Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 38

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Prayer Of Regret For Doing

  1. Dis na Psalm of David, to make am
    remember. Oh Baba-God, no punish me as you dey para, or correct me wen you dey vex like faya.
  2. Your arrows don shuuk me deep inside, and your hand don press me down.
  3. My body no get pawa—becos you dey
    vex for me ; my bones no get
    strength—becos of my sin.
  4. Di bad tins wey I dey do don cover my
    head, like load wey too heavy for me to carry.
  5. My wound dey smell, and e dey bad
    more-more—becos of my mumu way.
  6. Wahala dey for my head. I don bow
    down reach ground; I dey cry upandan from morning till night.
  7. Becos my waist burku wit wor- wor pain; and my body no-well.
  8. I no-get-pawa and my own don finish
    kpatakpata; I dey cry becos of di palava wey dey inside my heart.
  9. Oh Baba-God, you sabi all my wish; and you dey hear my cry.
  10. My heart dey breath fast fast, mystrength no dey again; even di light don komot from my eyes.
  1. My padi and my pipo dey fashi me becos of my wound, and my family-pipo dey far-far from me.
  2. Those pipo wey dey fyne my life dey set trap for me. Those pipo wey wan wound me—dey gist about as dem go take fall my hand; from morning till night nahin dem dey plan dia wuru-wuru.
  3. But me—like deaf man, I no dey hear;
    and I be like dumb man wey no dey open hin mouth;
  4. So I don turn to man wey no-fit hear, wey no fit use hin mouth ansa pesin.
  5. Oh Baba-God, na you I dey hope on, you go hear me, Oh Baba-God my Oga.
  6. Naso I tok sey, “Hear me or dem go
    happy for my mata, or dem go feel-big wen my leg dror.”
  7. I go soon fall, and pain always dey my
  8. I go confess all di bad-bad-tins wey I dey do; I go feel sorry becos of my sins.
  9. But my enemies dey ginger, and dem get pawa, and pipo wey hate me for no reason dey burku.
  10. Those pipo wey dey pay my good wit
    evil, dem be my enemies—becos I dey
    follow wetin dey good.
  11. Oh Baba-God, no fashi me; no dey far
    from me, Oh Baba-God.
  12. Kpakpakpa come epp me, Oh my Oga
    and Saviour!


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