Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 39

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Notin Dey For Dis Life

  1. To di music producer. To Jeduthun. Dis na Psalm of David. I tok sey, “I go watch my ways so dat I no go commit sin wit my tongue; I go close mouth wen badbelle pipo dey around me.”
  2. I bin dey silent, and I no tok anytin good, my suffer-head con burku.
  3. My heart con dey burn inside me, and as I dey meditate, di faya con dey burn, I con use my tongue tok sey:
  4. “Baba-God, kukuma show me how my
    life go take end, and di numba of my days; so dat I go know sey my life no-strong at all.
  5. You don make my days short like my
    hand; di time wey I get for dis life na notin for you. True-true, even man highest level just be like breath.
  6. Yes, everi man just dey waka upandan like shadow: Dem just dey waste dia time dey hustle; he dey gada moni, but he no know who go get am.
  7. “But now, Baba-God, wetin I go put my hope on? My hope dey inside you.
  8. Save me from all my bad tins wey I dey do; no make mumu pipo dey laff me.
  9. I bin dey silent; I no gree open my mouth, becos na you do am.
  10. Carry your disease komot from my side. Di blow wey you give me wit your hand—don nack me down.
  11. Wen you change-am-for man as you dey correct am for hin sin, you dey chop hin beauty l ike insect—surely everi man be like breath.
  12. “Hear my prayer, oh Baba-God; make you listen to my cry; no dey silent for my tears. I be jjc wit you, traveller like my papa-papa- papa.
  13. Free me, so dat I fit recover strength, before I komot, and no go dey again.”


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