Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 119

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Baba-God Law Aleph

  1. Blessings for those pipo wey dia way no get error, wey dey waka based-on Baba-God law.
  2. Blessings for those wey dey keep Baba-God commandment, wey dey fyne am wit all dia heart.
  3. Dem no dey do wrong tin; dem dey waka for hin way!
  4. You don command us to keep your law wit seriousness.
  5. Oh, I wish sey na you dey direct me to
    keep your laws!
  6. So shame no go catch me wen I dey
    reason all your commandments.
  7. I go praise you wit clean-heart, as I dey learn your good judgements.
  8. I go obey your law; no fashi me
  9. Beth
  10. How young pesin fit take keep hin way
    pure? Na by living hin life based-on your
  11. I dey fyne you wit all my heart; no let me
    waka komot from your way.
  12. I don hide your word inside my
    heart—sey I no go sin against you.
  13. Blessings for you, oh Baba-God; teach
    me your laws.
  14. Wit my lips—I don tok all di laws wey
  15. you give us from your mouth.
  16. I don jolly inside di way of your
  17. yarnings—like pesin wey get moni well￾well.
  18. I go meditate on your teaching, and I go
  19. reason your ways.
  20. Body dey sweet me for your laws; I no go
  21. fashi your words.
  22. Gimel
  23. Do good to your servant, and I go live,
  24. con obey your word.
  25. Open my eyes so dat I go see di ogbonge
  26. tin wey dey inside your teaching.
  27. I be stranger [jjc] for dis earth; no hide
  28. your commandments from me.
  29. My soul really want your judgement
  30. well-well everi time.
  31. You change-am-for pipo wey dey feel￾big—wey curse dey for dia head, and wey
  32. dey waka komot from your way.
  33. No let dem laff me or yab me—becos I
  34. dey follow your way.
  35. Even though rulers sidon—con dey bad￾mouth me, your servant go meditate on your
  36. word.
  37. Your word dey tortori me; na dem dey
  38. give me beta advice.
  39. My soul dey for dust; ginger my life
  40. based-on your word.PSALMS
  41. I don tell you about my plans and you
  42. ansa me; teach me your word.
  43. Epp me understand di way of your word;
  44. so dat I go meditate on your ogbonge work.
  45. My soul don taya for cry-cry; give me
  46. strength based-on your word.
  47. Carry lie-lie way komot from my side,
  48. and give me your law wit grace.
  49. I don choose di way of truth; I don put
  50. your word for my front.
  51. I dey hold your word tight. Chai Baba￾God, no let shame catch me.
  52. I go waka inside di way of your law,
  53. becos you go open my heart to understand.
  54. He
  55. Oh Baba-God, teach me to follow your
  56. word; and I go follow your word reach di
  57. end.
  58. Give me understanding so dat I go keep
  59. your word; true-true, I go observe am wit my
  60. whole heart.
  61. Make me waka inside di way of your
  62. commandment, na there my happiness dey.Turn my heart go face your word, instead
  63. of me to get ojukokoro.
  64. Turn my heart komot from yeye tins, and
  65. ginger me inside your way.
  66. Do wetin you promise to your servant
  67. wey dey fear you seriously.
  68. Carry di disgrace wey I dey fear komot,
  69. becos your judgement dey good.
  70. See as I dey fyne your way! Ginger me
  71. inside your goodness.
  72. Waw
  73. Oh Baba-God, make your mercies come
  74. meet me, plus your salvation based-on your
  75. promise;
  76. so I go fit ansa any-pesin wey dey yab
  77. me, becos I trust in your word.
  78. No ever komot di word of truth from my
  79. mouth, becos I don put my hope inside your
  80. word.
  81. I go always obey your word for ever and
  82. ever.
  83. I go waka upandan wit freedom, becos I
  84. dey fyne your way.
  85. I go tok about your word for front of
  86. kings, and shame no go catch me.
  87. Baba-God, I dey happy inside your
  88. word—wey I love.
  89. I go carry my hand up to your
  90. commandment wey I love; and I go meditate
  91. on your laws.
  92. Zayin
  93. Remember your promise to me—your
  94. servant, wey you don laws.
  95. make me put hope on.
  96. Wetin dey cool me down inside my
  97. suffer-head nahin be dis: your word dey give
  98. me life.
  99. Pipo wey dey feel-big dey yab me taya,
  100. but I no turn komot from your word.
  101. I remember your laws from olden days,
  102. oh Baba-God, and dem don cool me down.
  103. I con dey vex for wicked pipo well￾well—becos dem don fashi your way.
  104. Your laws nahin be my song any where I
  105. stay—on di road to my holy destiny.
  106. Oh Baba-God, I remember your name
  107. for night, and I keep your law.
  108. Na dis tin I dey do since: I dey obey your
  109. commandments.
  110. Heth
  111. Oh Baba-God—you be everitin wey I
  112. want, I don promise to obey your words!I don fyne your face wit all my heart;
  113. sorry-for me—based-on your promise.
  114. I reason my ways, and I don turn my leg
  115. to follow your word.
  116. I do fast-fast, I no go waste time to obey
  117. your word.
  118. Even though badbelle pipo use rope tie
  119. me, I no go fashi your
  120. For midnight, I go wake up to give you
  121. tanks for your good judgements [laws].
  122. Everi-pesin wey dey fear you na my
  123. padi, and everi-pesin wey dey follow your
  124. law na my padi.
  125. Di earth brekete wit your love, oh Baba￾God; teach me your laws.
  126. Oh Baba-God, you don do good to your
  127. servant, based-on your word.
  128. Teach me knowledge and beta
  129. judgement, becos I trust your commands.
  130. Before, suffer-suffer hook me, and I
  131. waka komot from your way, but now I dey
  132. obey your word.
  133. You dey good, and you dey do beta tins;
  134. teach me your laws.
  135. Even though pipo wey dey feel-big dey
  136. stain me wit lie, I go keep your law wit all my
  137. heart.
  138. Dia heart heavy like ororbor, but your
  139. law dey make body sweet me.
  140. E good as suffer-suffer hook me, so dat I
  141. go fit learn your laws.
  142. Di laws from your mouth make-sense to
  143. me pass thousands of gold coins plus silver.
  144. Yod
  145. Your hand nahin make me, and nahin
  146. form me; give me understanding to learn
  147. your commandments.
  148. Make those pipo wey dey fear
  149. you—happy wen dem see me, becos I don
  150. put my hope inside your word.
  151. Oh Baba-God, I know sey your laws dey
  152. right, and you don suffer me inside your
  153. faithfulness.
  154. I pray make your kind mercies cool me
  155. down, just as you don promise your servant.
  156. Show me your soft-heart so dat I go live,
  157. becos your law dey make body sweet me.
  158. Make shame catch pipo wey dey carry￾shoulder, becos dem do me ojoro for no
  159. reason; but I go meditate on your law.
  160. Make those pipo wey dey fear you—turn
  161. face me, those pipo wey sabi your word.
  162. Make my heart no get any error for your
  163. ways, so dat shame no go catch me.


  1. My soul dey faint as I dey fyne your
    salvation, but I dey put my hope inside your
  2. My eyes wan close as I dey fyne your
    word; I tok sey, “Wen you go cool me
  3. Even though I don be like bottle for
    inside smoke, but I no fashi your law.
  4. How long your servant go dey wait? Wen
    you go punish pipo wey
    dey show me pepper?
  5. Those pipo wey dey carry shoulder don
    dig hole for me-pipo wey no dey follow your
  6. I fit trust all your command; epp me, men
    dey show me pepper for no reason.
  7. Dem almost sweep me komot from di
    earth, but I neva fashi your laws.
  8. Ginger me based-on your soft- love, so
    dat I go obey di law of your mouth.
  9. Forever, oh Baba-God, your word dey
    settled for heaven.
  10. Your faithfulness dey last for all
    generations; you build di earth and e stand
  11. Your laws don last reach today, everitin
    dey serve you.
  12. If to sey no be your laws dey make body
    sweet me, I for don kpeme inside my suffer￾head.
  13. I no go ever forget your law, na dem you
    use take give me life.
  14. Save me, I belong to you, becos I don
    fyne your commandment.
  15. Evil pipo dey wait to scata me, but I go
    reason your words.
  16. Comma still dey inside everitin wey dey
    perfect, but your commands no get full-stop.
  17. Oh, see as I love your law! I dey reason
    am from morning till night.
  18. Tru your words, you dey make me wise
    pass my enemies, your words dey wit me
  19. I get understanding pass all my
    teachers—becos I dey reason on your word.
  20. I get more understanding pass di
    senior-men, becos I dey obey your laws.
  21. I don komot my leg from everi evil
    way—so dat I go obey your word.I neva waka komot from your
  22. laws; yousef don teach me.
  23. See as your words dey taste sweet,
  24. e sweet pass honey for my mouth!
  25. I dey gain understanding from
  26. your law; so I hate everi wrong way.
  27. Nun
  28. Your words na lamp for my leg
  29. and light for my way.
  30. I don swear, con confam sey—I go
  31. follow your good laws.
  32. I don suffer well-well; keep my
  33. life, Oh Baba-God— based-on your word.
  34. Oh Baba-God, biko, accept di
  35. offering of praise wey dey come from my
  36. belle, and teach me your laws.
  37. Even though my life always dey in
  38. danger, but I no go fashi your law.
  39. Wicked pipo don set trap for me,
  40. but I neva waka komot from your ways.
  41. I don inherit your laws forever; na
  42. dem dey give my heart joy.
  43. I don make up my mind to keep
  44. your laws forever to di end.
  45. I hate pipo wey get two-mind, but
  46. I love your law.
  47. Na you I dey hide my head put,
  48. and na you dey guard me; I dey put my hope
  49. on your word.
  50. Badbelle pipo, oya komot for
  51. where I dey, becos I go keep Baba-God law!
  52. Keep me as you don promise and I
  53. go live; no let shame catch me becos of my
  54. hope.
  55. Carry me up, and I go dey saved;
  56. and I go always respect your laws.
  57. You don fashi all those pipo wey
  58. waka komot from your way, dia wuru-wuru
  59. na fake.
  60. You don fashi all di wicked pipo
  61. for di earth like yama-yama, so I love your
  62. laws.
  63. My body dey shake becos I dey
  64. f e a r y o u ; a n d I d e y f e a r y o u r
  65. judgements.PSALMS
  66. I don do justice and goodness, no
  67. leave me wit pipo wey dey oppress me.
  68. Make sure sey your servant dey
  69. alright; no let pipo wey dey make-mouth
  70. oppress me.
  71. My eyes don dey pain me as I dey
  72. fyne your salvation, as I dey fyne your
  73. correct word.
  74. Run tins wit your servant based￾

on how you dey sorry-for pesin, and teach
me your laws.

  1. I be your servant, give me
    understanding so dat I go sabi your words.
  2. Oh Baba-God, e don reach time
    wey you go do sometin; becos dem dey
    break your laws.
  3. True-true, I love your command
    pass gold—eehn, pass pure gold.
  4. So I reason sey all your laws about
    everitin dey right for me to follow, I hate
    everi wrong way.
  5. Your words dey make me wonder;
    so my soul dey obey dem.
  6. As your word dey enta—e dey
    show light; e dey make ordinary pipo sabi
  7. I open my mouth dey breath- fast￾fast, becos I dey fyne your word.
  8. Turn face my side, con sorry-for
    me, as you dey do to pipo wey love your
  9. Direct my leg based-on your
    word; no let sin control my life.
  10. Save me from di oppression of
    man, so dat I go obey your word.
  11. Make your face shine for your
    servant body, and teach me your laws.
  12. Water dey rush down from my
    eyes like river, becos pipo no dey obey your
  13. Oh Baba-God, you dey good, and
    your judgements dey right.
  14. Di laws wey you don put down na
    correct law; and dem faithful wella.
  15. I don taya to dey burn like faya,
    becos my enemies don fashi your word.
  16. Your word pure wella, so your
    servant love dem.
  17. Even though my level low, and
    pipo hate me, I no forget your teaching.
  18. Your goodness dey last forever,
    and your word na true.
  19. Wahala and serious pain don cover
    my head, but na your laws dey tortori me.
  20. Your words dey correct forever;
    give me understanding so dat I go live.
  21. I dey call wit all my heart; ansa
    me, oh Baba-God, and I go obey your laws.
  22. I dey cry to you, save me and I go
  23. keep your word.
  24. I wake up before morning reach,
  25. and I dey cry for epp; I dey put my hope on
  26. your word.
  27. My eyes dey open tru-out di night,
  28. so dat I fit reason your promises.
  29. Hear my voice based-on your soft￾love; oh Baba-God, ginger my life based-on
  30. your justice.
  31. Those pipo wey dey plan wicked
  32. tins don dey near me; but dem dey far from
  33. your law.
  34. But you dey near, oh Baba-God,
  35. and all your laws na real.
  36. E don tey wey I don know sey you
  37. don stand your word to last forever.
  38. Resh
  39. Look my suffer-suffer and make
  40. you free me, becos I neva fashi your law.
  41. Fight for me and save me; keep my
  42. life based-on your promise.
  43. Salvation dey far from wicked
  44. pipo, becos dem no gree fyne your laws.
  45. Oh Baba-God, your soft mercy
  46. burku wella; ginger my life based-on your
  47. judgement.
  48. Plenty pipo dey show me pepper
  49. and my enemies burku, but I no turn komot
  50. from your word.
  51. Yeye dey smell as I dey look evil
  52. pipo, becos dem no gree obey your word.
  53. See as I love your word; oh Baba￾God ginger my life based-on your love.
  54. All your words na true; and all
  55. your good laws dey last forever.
  56. Sin and Shin
  57. Pipo wey get pawa dey show me
  58. pepper for no reason, but my heart dey
  59. wonder for your word.
  60. I dey happy for your word, like
  61. pesin wey see beta-beta-tins.
  62. I hate, and I no like lie-lie, but I
  63. love your word.
  64. I dey praise you seven times a
  65. day—becos of your correct judgement.
  66. . Pipo wey love your
  67. word—get peace well-well, and notin fit
  68. make dem stagger.
  69. Oh Baba-God, I dey wait for your
  70. salvation, and I dey do wetin you tell me to
  71. do.
  72. My soul dey keep your word, and I

love dem wella.

  1. I dey obey your teachings, plus
    your word—and you sabi all my ways.
  2. Oh Baba-God, listen to my cry;
    give me understanding based- on your word.
  3. Listen to wetin I dey ask for; free
    me—based-on your word.
  4. Make my lips pour wit praise,
    becos you dey teach me your laws.
  5. My tongue go tok about your
    word, becos everitin wey you tell me to
    do—na di right tin.
  6. Use your hand take epp me, becos
    I don choose your teachings.
  7. Oh Baba-God, I dey wish for your
    salvation, and your law dey tortori me.
  8. Make my soul live, and I go praise
    you, and make your word epp me.
  9. I don miss-road like sheep wey
    lose. Fyne your servant becos I no dey fashi
    your commands.


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